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The urban graveyard: a wildlife oasis

Simon King Simon King | 17:10 UK time, Friday, 30 October 2009

This week we swapped the dense woodland of the Forest of Dean for the mean streets of Central London. We've spent the last week filming at Abney Park Cemetery in Hackney.

This 32-acre mosaic of woods and shrubs is a fine example of how to manage land if you want to encourage wildlife. The secret is to do very little. Don't clear away fallen wood, don't remove ivy, don't mow every blade of grass. The result is an impressive array of species.

Foxes and tawny owls patrol its leafy lanes, woodpeckers flit through the trees, and rare birds like firecrests are known to breed here. It's an island of green in a sea of concrete and it's right in the middle of London.

Thought you might also like a few photos of the crew and equipment behind the scenes...

The outside broadcast base
The glamorous production office!
The dining hall


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