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Autumnwatch Unsprung: The great star jelly mystery

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Martin Hughes-Games Martin Hughes-Games | 10:24 UK time, Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Sorry the first Autumnwatch Unsprung was a bit manic. We, well, I sort of mucked up answering some of your questions. But I aim to put that right this Friday.

Wasn't Sky the sparrowhawk amazing? We were all really frightened she might bate (leap off Kate's fist and flap about) on air which would have looked pretty bad. Sparrowhawks are generally thought to be pretty nervous birds of prey, but in the event she was brilliant.

Simon's deer impressions were awesome! We've had messages asking if he's available for hen parties... Over to you Simon?!

Have you heard about the great star jelly mystery? We were wondering if we should include it in Unsprung, especially as some of you are starting to ask questions about it. It was actually looked at in depth by BBC Scotland earlier this year but the recent wet weather seems to have triggered fresh sightings.


Here's a photograph of star jelly (sent in by Steve Chambers to the BBC Scotland website) so you know what I'm on about... Looks a bit like frog spawn with no black bits. It's a very, very odd story this. Star jelly (it's got lots of weird and wonderful names) suddenly seems to appear as if from nowhere and there are many different theories about what it actually is.

If you have seen star jelly (and best of all photographed it) please tell us about it here. It's definitely one of those truth-is-stranger-than-fiction mysteries!

We are working through your messages, pictures and films right now, some really thought-provoking questions and footage, thank you. We'll have another quiz, hopefully another surprise guest and Chris has found something totally amazing for the "nature table". Hope to see you Friday!


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