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Bird Flu - Original Samples Discovered!

  • Bobby Friction
  • 6 Mar 08, 12:40 AM

Check this clip of MIA in a studio in South India gettin samples from some kids - then listen to the track Bird Flu - Another example why MIA is beyond any other British Asian artist.

ps. Can any of our Tamil listeners or blog readers translate what she's asking them?

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Womad... Or Wo-Mud?

  • Pathaan
  • 2 Aug 07, 02:23 PM

Phew! Just got back and what a crazy MUD-fuelled fun weekend it was too! :-)

The drive to the site on Friday was picturesque, especially when I came off the motorway and had to drive through Malmesbury to get to the new site. WOMAD had moved to Charlton Park in Wiltshire to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the festival, in the glorious English countryside.

When I arrived, I had an incline it was going to be a wet affair. But I had no idea over the course of the weekend, WOMAD (my favourite festival) would be renamed WO-MUD!

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  • Pathaan
  • 23 Jul 07, 05:35 PM

Oh yes, the festival season continues!!!

You can probably tell I love them. So far, we’ve had Wychwood, Paradise Gardens and Glastonbury. This weekend myself, Nerm and Sonny Ji head to one of my favourite festivals, WOMAD!!


WOMAD stands for ‘World of Music, Arts and Dance’ the festival features an inspiring mix of ancient and modern, where centuries-old traditional music might easily sit side-by-side with the latest club sounds. Since 1982, WOMAD has presented more than 150 festivals around the world and this weekend will be it’s 25th Anniversary and to celebrate this, WOMAD have moved from the Rivermead Centre in Reading to the glorious countryside of Wiltshire. Each festival over the years has introduced a rich variety of artists from many countries, some world famous, others virtually unknown outside their own locality.

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Up and Coming Festival - Wychwood

  • Pathaan
  • 30 May 07, 11:15 AM

I absolutely love festivals. I always go to them, not allowing the weather forecast to dictate whether or not I have a good time. Obviously good weather is always a bonus, but it’s not the be all and end all. The diverse music programme at festivals often has something for everyone where the atmosphere is upbeat, positive and loud.

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Pathaan at The Big Chill in Goa

  • Pathaan
  • 6 May 07, 02:35 AM

Yes, yes !!! Just back from India. I had an incredible time in Goa with the Big Chill, who hosted a festival on Aswem beach in North Goa.

I have performed at the Big Chill festival in the UK many times and was most definitely very excited about being invited to perform in India and so decided to treat myself to a little break too, so I left for India a few days before the festival to acclimatize, catch some rays and just chill on the beach listening to whatever’s on my iPod. Gosh, it was HOT on the beach but at this time of the year there’s a real nice breeze on the beach too, so it was fairly hard to know you were burning whilst being under the sun.

Check the pictures and the footage.....

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Is Conformism Killing Music?

  • Bobby Friction
  • 21 Mar 07, 03:55 PM

I look around me and the Desi music industry is full of sheep...WHY? Where is our Bob Marley, Our Beatles, Our Biggie or Tupac for gods sake!!

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Music Is A Means To Strengthen and Revitalise The Spirit

  • Pathaan
  • 16 Nov 06, 03:46 PM

It has often been said…the path to world peace is through a world filled with peaceful people. It’s been my intention from day one, for people to feel that inner peace from the music I play on my show.

Where to begin? I believe that like everything else, when a critical mass of people has an idea, it influences the whole world. This critical mass of people are starting to think that ‘dance music’ is dying. It isn’t. It’s just going through various changes which we’ll all have to embrace to keep up with technological advances. (Besides, rock music is on the up and dance music stems from rock). I believe dance music is still as popular as it’s ever been, but this critical mass of people is looking for more.

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