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Bird Flu - Original Samples Discovered!

  • Bobby Friction
  • 6 Mar 08, 12:40 AM

Check this clip of MIA in a studio in South India gettin samples from some kids - then listen to the track Bird Flu - Another example why MIA is beyond any other British Asian artist.

ps. Can any of our Tamil listeners or blog readers translate what she's asking them?

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Best of the Bunch: Bestival

  • Nerm
  • 11 Sep 07, 07:32 PM

What a weekend - The Asian Network decamped to the Bestival on mass and, I tell you, it was the best end to the Summer Tour we could have had!


We performed to an unbelievable audience of aliens, pirates, cartoon characters… and no I wasn't going crazy - one of the unique elements to Bestival is the fancy dress. Every where I looked there were people dressed up to the max - even Nihal caught the festival fever and was properly pirated up!

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Bestival Summer..... End of the Season.

  • Nerm
  • 6 Sep 07, 06:04 PM

Its been an amazing summer, Glastonbury, WOMAD and London Mela the Live and Loud Tour's delivered the best of British Asian Music across the country.

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Is Conformism Killing Music?

  • Bobby Friction
  • 21 Mar 07, 03:55 PM

I look around me and the Desi music industry is full of sheep...WHY? Where is our Bob Marley, Our Beatles, Our Biggie or Tupac for gods sake!!

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Future Releases 2007-2008

  • Nerm
  • 16 Jan 07, 06:55 PM

I've been getting really excited about new stuff out this year (and one next year!) Here's just a few and when they're due out...

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Nerm's Travels to India (Part Three)

  • Nerm
  • 14 Dec 06, 05:14 PM

Arriving back to London was a culture shock. My head was spinning from the international flight and the smaller internal flights I took for gigs. People often ask “What’s Calcutta like? How’s Indore?” and I honestly have no answer. Mine is a short sharp existence in towns I’d love to explore but it literally is: Airport, Plane, Airport, Car, Hotel, Gig, Hotel, Car, Airport. You never actually see anything.

That was until I went to Delhi. I was there to cover the Shalom Peace Festival for the BBC Asian Network, so there was no actual performance from me - I was just an observer and it was quite liberating.

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Nerm's Travels In India (Part Two)

  • Nerm
  • 5 Dec 06, 10:26 AM

Since my last Blog entry I've been joined by D-Code and DJed in Pune (pronounced Poo-ney) and in Indore. The usual response to the first was "oh, cool", the second "what the HELL are you doing there?" I first came to India when I was three, many years ago and Indore stirred memories from then. The gigs, however, were a different story. Pune was immense, some 2000 people packed into a club called Area 51 which was shaped like a 1950's Americana flying saucer

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Nerm's Travels In India (Part One)

  • Nerm
  • 17 Nov 06, 10:56 AM

It's been a week since I arrived in India and the place always blows me away. Every year Shiva Soundsystem and I tour India with a mixture of House, Electro, Breaks and Drum & Bass. Every year the audiences get bigger, more responsive and it's that much easier to get to the really heavy, glitchy side of Drum & Bass.

Bollywood is still all pervasive, powerful and controlling. However over the years, as India has prospered, it's citizens have been on the hunt for something new, something different and electrifying.

The electronic alternative music scene has always had an underground fan-base but it seems that now, the home-grown movement is finally breaking into the mainstream.

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