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Bird Flu - Original Samples Discovered!

  • Bobby Friction
  • 6 Mar 08, 12:40 AM

Check this clip of MIA in a studio in South India gettin samples from some kids - then listen to the track Bird Flu - Another example why MIA is beyond any other British Asian artist.

ps. Can any of our Tamil listeners or blog readers translate what she's asking them?

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Soulful Sylheti on the Asian Network Uni Tour '07

  • Uni Tour 07
  • 14 Nov 07, 07:22 PM

What an amazing tour it has been, the crowds have just grown and grown across the weeks. Everyone has been so supportive with girls going crazy and surprisingly positive support from the guys. My favourite date on the tour had to be Manchester, the crowd was 120% behind the performers it had a real vibe, the were just loving it.


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The Electric Proms are HERE!

  • Bobby Friction
  • 25 Oct 07, 02:53 PM

The Electric Proms 2007 have finally arrived and take place tomorrow night – and I am Sooooo excited!

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Buzzing like Mumzy

  • Uni Tour 07
  • 24 Oct 07, 07:14 PM

What can I say but wow…. I am still buzzing from the amazing crowds and atmosphere at the Manchester leg of the Uni Tour and now I am on the verge of doing it all over again at Kings College. The response was out of this world, the adrenalin kept me pumping, I wanted to perform for hours.

I was a typical student running away from work, not to the pub, but rather to gigs. It was at events like these that I was first introduced to the likes of the Rishi Rich Projekt, Outlandish and PHS, watching these guys led me away from Garage and towards the music I perform now.

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Brand new Dubs and all the loved stuff…….

  • Uni Tour 07
  • 8 Oct 07, 10:32 PM

Asian Network Uni Tour has given us the first opportunity to unleash the sound of Tigerstyle on the students at Leeds Uni.

What can I say it will be a mix of new stuff from us… Brand new Dubs straight from the studio... All the stuff you love….With a sprinkling of sounds from our Canadian star: Blitzkrieg (supported on stage by Roach Killa) as he stomps his way across the UK with his new album, produced by us.


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Jay Sean Uni Tour 07

  • Uni Tour 07
  • 21 Sep 07, 04:51 PM

In the words of Rakim, its been a long time, but Jay shizzle is back….without the mullet. For the first time in the UK, I will be showcasing my new material at Hertfordshire University, with Adil Ray and Bobby Friction. Even my mum got sick of hearing "where is your son gone? I havent seen him on the telly for ages!" The answer is everywhere!!!!

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London Mela 2007

  • Noreen Khan
  • 12 Aug 07, 12:38 PM

Excitement's building fast, but crowds are building slower, there's a real buzz about the place. It's Asian timing as ever as the soundcheck's over running. But I'm really happy, cos someone's noticed my shoes match my outfit. DJ Kayper's about to go on. mela_noreen.jpg
Check out the video too, there's Rish Rich and H. Dhami backstage with Adil, plus Heera!.

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Glasto 2007 - Mud Masala Mayhem

  • Bobby Friction
  • 24 Jun 07, 07:25 PM

Greetings from the Dance Village East backstage here at Glastonbury, with the echo of the Marley brothers performing 'Exodus' ringing in my ears and giving me a soothing start to Sunday after a manic Saturday night set to a soundtrack set by Annie Mac and Mark Ronson.

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Day Two of the Asian Network Glastonbury experience

  • Mark Strippel
  • 23 Jun 07, 08:56 PM

Yesterday was a real triumph for British-Asian music, with five acts performing across our Roots Stage in the Dance Village and three on the BBC Introducing stage; Jag, Riz MC and Tigerstyle.

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Sonia's world of Glastonbury!

  • Sonia Deol
  • 22 Jun 07, 09:41 AM

Welcome to Sonia's world of Glastonbury!

I think i'm now losing my Glasto festival virgin status, having braved the mud and got lost for two hours last night in the lanes of Somerset. I'm almost enjoying the dirt, mud and the grime!

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Glasto - Here We Come!

  • Sonia Deol
  • 21 Jun 07, 11:46 AM

We're on our way at last and so far the journey doesn't quite resemble Bhaji on the Beach. Had a panic attack this morning when I realised I had packed my hairdryer but no waterproofs. Managed to do a last minute dash and grab a must have flower power kagool. So glad I went shopping ... Just wait until you see my bright pink binoculars and torch...perfect accessories in my search for a farmer. It's just started raining so now it really does feel like we're heading to Glastonbury. I've heard so much this week from friends and listeners who have been texting in that this will be a truly unforgettable experience - the mud, the music and the atmosphere - bring it on!

Up and Coming Festival - Wychwood

  • Pathaan
  • 30 May 07, 11:15 AM

I absolutely love festivals. I always go to them, not allowing the weather forecast to dictate whether or not I have a good time. Obviously good weather is always a bonus, but it’s not the be all and end all. The diverse music programme at festivals often has something for everyone where the atmosphere is upbeat, positive and loud.

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Pathaan at The Big Chill in Goa

  • Pathaan
  • 6 May 07, 02:35 AM

Yes, yes !!! Just back from India. I had an incredible time in Goa with the Big Chill, who hosted a festival on Aswem beach in North Goa.

I have performed at the Big Chill festival in the UK many times and was most definitely very excited about being invited to perform in India and so decided to treat myself to a little break too, so I left for India a few days before the festival to acclimatize, catch some rays and just chill on the beach listening to whatever’s on my iPod. Gosh, it was HOT on the beach but at this time of the year there’s a real nice breeze on the beach too, so it was fairly hard to know you were burning whilst being under the sun.

Check the pictures and the footage.....

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Jazzy Jeff

  • DJ Kayper
  • 20 Apr 07, 12:26 PM

Hi guys, how you doing? Hope you’re well. The past week has been absolutely crazy for me. Besides trying to get my dissertation done on time, which I still haven’t finished, I somehow managed to find time to throw a massive party in Cambridge where I study, and guess who I had as my special guest? The one and only DJ Jazzy Jeff! Keep reading and watch my video of Jazzy Jeff on the decks.

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Is Conformism Killing Music?

  • Bobby Friction
  • 21 Mar 07, 03:55 PM

I look around me and the Desi music industry is full of sheep...WHY? Where is our Bob Marley, Our Beatles, Our Biggie or Tupac for gods sake!!

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Hammersmith Palais R.I.P

  • Mark Strippel
  • 15 Mar 07, 05:05 PM

*We are interested in your memories of Hammersmith Palais. Please add them after this Blog posting*

If there’s one venue that’s etched in the memory of Bhangra gig folklore then it has to be West London’s Hammersmith Palais. It was the first club I ever went to and the scene of hundreds of huge Asian events over the years. But now it’s set to close. The building is expected to be bulldozed to make way for office blocks by developers Parkway Properties. No date for the closure has been given.

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The USA is on its way, but just doesn’t know it yet...

  • Bobby Friction
  • 6 Feb 07, 04:12 PM

The USA is on its way, but just doesn’t know it yet. My tour of the States – The British Invasion Tour – was as the name suggested all about another British music Invasion along the lines of the Beatles or the Sex Pistols, but as I found out the dominance of Brit-Asian acts over there may slowly be coming to an end.

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Asian Network Uni Tour Kicks Off!

  • Bobby Friction
  • 14 Nov 06, 04:57 PM

The Uni Tour 2006 kicked off last Friday night at Nottingham Trent Uni's Student Union, where we broadcast the show live on the Friction show. It was a homecoming of sorts for me as I studied at Trent in the early (ahem!) nineties. The line up for the night was Me, D-Boy & The Playback Project (feat. Sharifa Shi & Rabbia), Lyppicool (Nottingham’s Best Beatboxer and a serious talent), Raxstar, DJ Kayper & Inja, The Mentor Kolektiv plus The Specialist.

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Asian Network University Tour - Nottingham

  • Mentor
  • 14 Nov 06, 02:56 PM

What a night! The Tour officially kicked off in one of my favourite cities in the UK. Nottingham has never failed to be a great place to party. Last night was no different. The one like Bobby Friction blasted off the tour with a wicked set playing some of the best Desi, D&B and grimey vibes. Jinx followed with a hype performance accompanied by Billa Sahota, a guy with an amazing voice. I loved the Jinx remix of “Akhian Udeek Diyan”.

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