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Old Skool, New Skool and Uncooked Samosa's

  • DJ Kayper
  • 8 Aug 07, 06:59 PM

Its just around the corner, London Mela, Gunnersbury Park, in the past I never really had great experiences of Melas. You know what it was like Uncooked Samosas, dragged round by your parents, white suits and muddy parks and chutney flying all over the place.


This all changed for me last year, when I performed for the first time at London Mela. The day started off with rain rain and more rain, but when this stopped, things really warmed up, the atmosphere was great, the vibe was buzzing and I went red in the face from blowing my whistle to much!!!!

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Search for a star @ BBC Blast

  • DJ Kayper
  • 16 Jul 07, 12:40 PM

I’m getting ready for an exciting week on tour with BBC Blast. Later this week, I will be leading various workshops to teach young people how to become DJ’s. Its all taking place at the Serpentine Gallery in Kensington Gardens.


I’m looking forward to teaching the young people. It shouldn’t be too hard as I think I’m a pretty good teacher and I’ve taught people to DJ before. But there is a catch!!. Do you remember the TV programme Challenge Anneka? Well I’ve been given a sort of challenge mission, where I not only have to teach kids to DJ but I also have to create a musical score in 4 days using turntables.

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Xzibit Pimps My Car

  • DJ Kayper
  • 18 May 07, 02:11 PM

Wassup Guys!

This weeks Hype Show was the ultimate in "Pimpification".

So Pimpin in fact, we had the to host of MTV's Pimp My Ride, Xzibit dropping in on the show.


Since I've crashed my car so many times it was only right that I show him a pic, in an attempt to get him to "Pimp My Ride".

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Jazzy Jeff

  • DJ Kayper
  • 20 Apr 07, 12:26 PM

Hi guys, how you doing? Hope you’re well. The past week has been absolutely crazy for me. Besides trying to get my dissertation done on time, which I still haven’t finished, I somehow managed to find time to throw a massive party in Cambridge where I study, and guess who I had as my special guest? The one and only DJ Jazzy Jeff! Keep reading and watch my video of Jazzy Jeff on the decks.

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Is Conformism Killing Music?

  • Bobby Friction
  • 21 Mar 07, 03:55 PM

I look around me and the Desi music industry is full of sheep...WHY? Where is our Bob Marley, Our Beatles, Our Biggie or Tupac for gods sake!!

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Outlandish At The Scala, London

  • DJ Kayper
  • 1 Feb 07, 05:16 PM

I was never too familiar with Outlandish’s music and the first time I ever heard of the group was when the single “Walou” came out from their debut album “Bread and Barrels of Water". Yesterday I was lucky enough to witness what the hype was all about and admittedly I was pretty blown away after seeing them perform. outlandish02_200.jpg I had not been to Scala for quite a few years so I’d forgotten how intimate the venue was which was perfect to see a group like Outlandish. When I got to the venue at 6pm to do my soundcheck there were people queuing already!

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