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This Weeks Top 5....And why....

  • Bobby Friction
  • 8 Apr 08, 05:25 PM

Let me explain why i consider the following tracks to be the best 5 tracks on the Friction show this week...

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Friction In The PIND!

  • Bobby Friction
  • 23 Mar 08, 03:26 PM

Phewww..back to work on air on tuesday but need to paste this pic up, as after the Delhi metro system the 'other' side of India slapped me full on in the face. But more of that in a moment..

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Bird Flu - Original Samples Discovered!

  • Bobby Friction
  • 6 Mar 08, 12:40 AM

Check this clip of MIA in a studio in South India gettin samples from some kids - then listen to the track Bird Flu - Another example why MIA is beyond any other British Asian artist.

ps. Can any of our Tamil listeners or blog readers translate what she's asking them?

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My Top 5 for this week!

  • Bobby Friction
  • 27 Feb 08, 02:28 AM

1. Radiohiro – Diabollycal (White)- Intense Bollywood Drum n Bass with a surreal bass driven edge.

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The Electric Proms are HERE!

  • Bobby Friction
  • 25 Oct 07, 02:53 PM

The Electric Proms 2007 have finally arrived and take place tomorrow night – and I am Sooooo excited!

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Bhangra 2007 - Jan to April Review

  • Dipps Bhamrah
  • 1 May 07, 12:45 PM

If I quickly rewind 12 months, these were the album that were repping the Bhangra industry in the first third of the year.

Ominous DJ's – Unfinished Business
Zeus - Street Remixes
Notorious Jatt - Livin It Up
Serious Recs – Ne Balieyh
Jinx – Culture Shock
Sukshinder Shinda - Collaborations

All great albums, but as we all know, 2006 was one of the driest Periods in Bhangra history. Fast forward 12 months and this is just a snap shot of tunes which I think are making a noise in 2007 so far.

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New Top 5 & Swami Album Review

  • Bobby Friction
  • 11 Apr 07, 02:58 PM

Friction's Top Five Tracks
1. Tigerstyle - Son Of A Sardar (Immortal Productions/Soldier Sound Recordings)
2. Unique Sounds Roadshow feat. Surinder Shinda & Minus P – Jagga (Remix) (Babycamp Records)
3. Sudha – Living By Numbers (White)
4. Davut Guloglu – Katula Katula (Destan Muzik)
5. Timbaland feat. MIA Come Around (Mosley Music)

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Is Conformism Killing Music?

  • Bobby Friction
  • 21 Mar 07, 03:55 PM

I look around me and the Desi music industry is full of sheep...WHY? Where is our Bob Marley, Our Beatles, Our Biggie or Tupac for gods sake!!

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Top 5....

  • Bobby Friction
  • 21 Mar 07, 03:43 PM

1. Wiley - Taliban (Eskiboy Recordings)
2. Plan B feat. The Rolling Stones – Paint It Blacker (Pet Cemetery Recordings)
3. Dhruva & Sharmaji – Koli Stance (Demo)
4. Heavyweight Champion Feat. KRS One – Arrival (Bassnectar Remix) (Om Records)
5. Jehst – Psychedelic Phlegm (Boombox Records)

This my current top 5 on my homepage...

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My Current Top 5!

  • Bobby Friction
  • 23 Feb 07, 02:18 PM

Friction's Top Five Tracks
1. DJ Xtreme Bollywood Lovers (Demo)
2. MC Flex Sidewinder Raw (Demo)
3. MDK Cartel See Us In The Dance (Oxygen Recordings)
4. Ramzi & Ash King Take It Easy (White)
5. Braze Feat Brass Munk Fall Back (Braze Music)

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The USA is on its way, but just doesn’t know it yet...

  • Bobby Friction
  • 6 Feb 07, 04:12 PM

The USA is on its way, but just doesn’t know it yet. My tour of the States – The British Invasion Tour – was as the name suggested all about another British music Invasion along the lines of the Beatles or the Sex Pistols, but as I found out the dominance of Brit-Asian acts over there may slowly be coming to an end.

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