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  1. This Weeks Top 5....And why....

    • Bobby Friction
    • 8 Apr 08, 05:25 PM

    Let me explain why i consider the following tracks to be the best 5 tracks on the Friction show this week...

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Recent entries

  1. Friction In The PIND!

    • Bobby Friction
    • 23 Mar 08, 03:26 PM

    Phewww..back to work on air on tuesday but need to paste this pic up, as after the Delhi metro system the 'other' side of India slapped me full on in the face. But more of that in a moment..

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  • Sona Family final Shoutouts!

    • Guest
    • 22 Mar 08, 11:55 PM

    Hey again!

    Hope you all have enjoyed the Friction Takeover as much as we did! We had fun filling in Bobby’s Big Shoes!! Thanx to all who sent in texts and emails! If you missed out, then make sure you check out the podcasts and the video. Check out the video.

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  • Swami Aftermath

    • Guest
    • 21 Mar 08, 02:00 AM

    What’s up world, S-Endz of Swami checking in here after our electro rockin breaks hip-hop desi showcase, second Thursday in a row that myself, Diamond and Sups have taken over the FRICTION airwaves. Check out the video

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  • Asian Dub Foundation and the Riot on the Radio

    • Guest
    • 19 Mar 08, 12:15 AM

    Hello blog pickers! Another ADF session for Mr.Bobby Friction in the bag, and next week we’ll be…aaargh no THE MAN IS BACK next week so we’re being given our marching orders, the takeover is over, the riot on the radio has been tear gassed (Oi Sanj stop chopping those onions on the decks man),…but semi-seriously, big up to all of you who tuned in and sent us those encouraging e-mails and texts. Check out the video

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  • Lost Souljah

    • Guest
    • 17 Mar 08, 09:44 PM

    Well what can I say! Its been a pleasure taking over from Mr Friction…and working alongside Jay Sean has been absolutely inspirational!

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  • Yo it’s the jay shizzle…

    • Guest
    • 17 Mar 08, 09:41 PM

    2nd week of the takeover. Bobby will no doubt be listening in and taking notes. Hahaha. (Westside forever..) Last week was mad fun, looking forward to tonite.

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