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The Final: Stuart delivers his verdict...

Stuart Baggs | 13:00 UK time, Tuesday, 19 July 2011

They always say you don't know what you've got until its gone and that couldn't be truer than with The Apprentice. After 12 episodes, 14 firings, countless cock-ups and more one liners than a traffic light party, this series has finally come to an end.

The changes to this  year's Apprentice are perhaps most evident in Lord Sugar's choice of winner. Tom, an underdog throughout, pipped the perfect Helen to the prize of a £250,000 investment. Helen was seemingly a victim of her own success. After all, how many other doors in life are closed purely for someone being  too  perfect?

This is the perfect moment to look back at my personal highlights of  the seventh series of  The Apprenice, as well my favourite characters for the right and (more often) wrong reasons. Who could forget Edna's  exotic glove display? Expect to see a "Where are they now" article appear later this year saying she is now a professional hand model for her own range of gloves.

Then we have Susan who nearly created a national incident with the French, questioning their love for children and ability to drive. Let's hope she isn't planing on expanding her cosmetics empire into France anytime soon.

Jim should have known better than to bring pony analogies into the boardroom. It didn't work for me, and it certainly didn't work for him.

Then  there's Melody's "Selective Interpretation Skills" that will one day  threaten to spark World War  Three at the UN.

On a serious note, well done to all 16 candidates. I know all too well that it's certainly not easy putting yourself on display for the public to judge. My advice; use any criticism received to further motivate you to succeed.

Thank's for reading my posts, without you there'd be no blog!  Talking of which, the end of this series also marks my retirement from public life. I'm off to focus on my charity work, working with native insects on the Asian subcontinent.

Thank's for all your support over the past year, you've been amazing.

Lovingly Yours

Stuart Baggs



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