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Episode 10: Flip It task teasers

Ben Rawson-Jones, Blog Editor | 12:59 UK time, Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Reinvestment is the name of the game in Lord Sugar's intriguing latest task, which features many nodding dogs and the return of Jim's infamous Franglais! Have a look at some teaser pics from tonight's episode to whet your appetite...

Lord Sugar's shadow

An ominous shadow looms large. Who could it possibly be?

Lord Sugar instructs the candidates

Lord Sugar does some early finger pointing. Even more ominous!

Jim, Susan and Natasha have a discussion.

Is Jim trying to deploy Tom's Scissors Paper Stone business strategy?

Natasha clutches her dog toy during a phone conversation.

"I have a bulldog growing out of my forearm, yeah..."

Helen has a dance.

Has Helen mistaken this for a Riverdance task?

Tom, Helen and Melody discuss the task strategy.

Tom has his eyes on Melody's notepad...


  • Comment number 1.

    I thought from the start of this series that Jim Eastwood was by far the best of this weak bunch of candidates. He was subject to an apparently concerted attack half-way through whereby he was criticised for doing no more than all of the other candidates were doing and have always done - knifing the competition in the back- the whole point of the exercise. Because the criticism (ironically) came from Lord Sugar, everyone else fell in behind him, without pausing to reflect whether or not it was justified. Jim is sharp, sensible, pragmatic, thinks on his feet and has the gift of the gab, and he has survived the opprobrium heaped on him. Apologies for the spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

  • Comment number 2.

    I find it disgraceful that Natasha speaks to her team mate, Susie, like that. Incompetent as a PM, she ignored good advice from Jim, was personal and condescending in her attack towards Susie, and unable to reflect on and learn from her mistakes after the win was declared as undeserving. Instead, she placed the blame on Susie, who helped the team make a healthy profit margin by selling £1 bracelets for £5-6, and made Susie an easy scapegoat. All qualities are extremely negative for a businesswoman and despite, having an attractive appearance, her character is less than beautiful. I won't want her as an employee, never mind a business partner, yeah.

  • Comment number 3.

    I also found it absolutely appaling the way Natasha behaved, she has no idea what she is doing, she should have been sent home a long time ago, and the way she treated Susie....Disgusting!!! she and Jim made the win possible, because if it was left up to her, I don't think they would have won. I don't think she has a place with Lord sugar, she likes being the boss, for the 'title', and for playing 'big madam' but the thought and work comes from her team mates, she just all talk, and no substance!

  • Comment number 4.

    We can look at the strengths and weaknesses of the characters ad nauseum, but a good test methinks is to ask yourself, 'Who would I be happy to give my £250,000 to and be confident they could turn it into a lot more! Who could I trust and relate to. Well using this method, Natasha is out for a start. Helen second, and that leaves us with Jim, Tom and Susie. Tom is the inventor and could make it really big with a new invention. Susie is probably not going to think of anything new and exciting, but could run a smallish affair. Jim - well not sure. He could sell ice to the Eskimos, but is he really entrepreneurial. Not really. OK, Tom must be the man. Job done.

  • Comment number 5.

    A wrong team lost, a wrong person had been fired. I am no Melody fan, but I think she is still a strong candidate with a winning mentality. Yes, listening is her weakness, but hey, everyone has one! How Natasha stayed this long is beyond me. She didnt have a clue in most processes, and the only one she actively contributed is the pet food. In other cases, she was a tag along and worst in this, as she failed to understand about "reinvestment" and that the extra stock + cash in hand = final asset. So, really if she had £300 - she could have reinvested all £300 anyway but she thought the $$ in hand that she brings back is the ultimate winner. She disregarded Jim and Susie and she had the cheek to blame it on Susie for the failure of getting the treat. In other words, she didnt even know or understand what happened in the board room. Thick as you get. And then she just puts the bracelet around her wrist, whistling and jumping around. Clueless and definitely headless. Jim, is the person I stood up for all this while and have proven many critics wrong in this task. With combination of his sense of humour + irish accent + ability to see, he has done v well. My only disappoinment in him, is that, this task was up on his street. he should have been the PM but he stood back and let the girls to have cat-fight. Susie - hmm, a tough one. Ppl think she is the dark horse. The idea of buying bracelet for 1.50 and selling it back for 5 is a great idea and worked well...but she would have been in deep trouble, had the team lost, as the blame can be easily shifted on her for buying those bracelets without team consultation. I dont think she would last long (its either her or Natasha on next series) as she cannot stand up for herself or fight her corner. She is the kind, who runs back home everytime being picked on at school.
    I feel sorry for Melody. I went to the Apprentice, You Are Fired show and when I saw her, my heart melted. She seems a lovely person with that charming smile. But people seemed to be on her case. When she said, she is arrogant at her most vulnerable moment, it is the key. Her weakness is to listen, but then everyone has weaknesses in them. I am not sure if she would have lasted till semi-finals, but it was too early for her to leave. Hope she carries on pursuing her dream.
    My take has always been Natasha, Susie, Tom, Melody, Helen & Jim in order of who gets fired. Seems like that is now mixed up, so lets see how the show proceeds.

  • Comment number 6.

    I thought it was interesting that Lord Sugar fined the other team £100 and they still managed to win. That alone says that Melody did deserve to get fired. If you can't win with an advantage like that then you should be fired. I thought Tom improved a lot this week. He pointed out the nodding dogs sold very well and Melody wouldn't listen. I think Melody suffers from selective hearing, in last weeks epsiode she wouldn't even listen to the focus group on the biscuits episode. And Helen is just awesome, 9 wins enough said. Also why on earth would you try to change things if it was working so well? So I believe Melody ultimately deserved to be fired.

  • Comment number 7.


    I'm looking for the wholesale warehouse in North London where Mr Sugar bought e goods for both the teams.

    Can anyone tel me please.



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