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  1. non gay homage...

    • Annie Mac
    • 30 Apr 07, 01:56 PM

    did you check out the Ode To Zach Braff that I played on Sunday?

    there's something quite touching about his dedication to the cause of zach braff. And the video is done really well..the edit is proper professional.. I wonder has zach seen it..

  1. comedy............. timing.

    • Annie Mac
    • 30 Mar 07, 06:43 PM

    Check out the new free video download. It's Stephen Merchant teaching me how to tell a joke. Let me know what you think! Of the video..not my jokes..which are always so so so bad.

    This week on YOUR show we're talking about Kate Moss's new fashion line for Topshop, Will Ferrell and Napoleon Dynamite dudes new film Blades of Glory, PS3s, the YouTube awards and we're talking to Calvin Harris and Stephen Merchant. Phew!

    See you on sunday at 9pm. Don't miss it. x

  1. AVRIL

    • Annie Mac
    • 23 Mar 07, 03:06 PM

    also...If you've ever had any interest in Avril should download the FREE video podcast. she came into radio 1 to see me during the week and we had a chat. She really loosened up..I think it's a good insight into her life. let me know what you think..

  1. Video Podcast...

    • Annie Mac
    • 11 Mar 07, 08:27 PM

    It's Sunday nght..half an hour before we go on air... the video podcast is up now and ready for your persual! We raised 57 quid for comic relief in the end..

    go and download it, it's free! Hopefully it will inspire you to see if there's something that you can do to raise money this week before Red nose Day...

  1. 2nd Installment

    • Annie Mac
    • 5 Mar 07, 01:21 PM

    It's Monday lunchtime and we're half way through filming the 2nd video podcast. In the show last night Tony suggested that I should take a vow of silence in aid of comic relief. So here I am, it's 13.23 and I haven't uttered a sound since 9am. I never realised it would be so hard. I've already managed to piss off Edith and have had run ins with Colin Murray and Aled... god knows what's going to happen this afternoon..

  1. keep downloading the AWESOME podcast!

    • Annie Mac
    • 19 Feb 07, 12:45 PM

    yes on sunday's show, scott mills rang me to try and big up his video podcast which was available a couple of days after mine.. we got into a petty squabble and are now having a competition to see whose podcast gets the most downloads this week.

    I need your help! Tell your friends, your relatives, your milkman, your teacher, your pets..shout it from the rooftops!

    download five mins of behind the scenes of Radio 1 entertainment for free RIGHT HERE..

    thank you!


    • Annie Mac
    • 12 Feb 07, 09:59 AM

    is now up for your viewing pleasure...

    if you've ever been remotely curious to see what it's like in Radio 1, then you must watch it.


    let me know what you think!

    ps hope you had nice weekends...x

  1. In-zane!

    • Annie Mac
    • 24 Jan 07, 02:15 PM

    This week on the show, you've got the chance to win a brand new digital radio signed by Chris Martin. Chris presented Zane Lowe's show on Radio 1 last week and in honour of Zane's return from holiday this week, here's what we want you to do:

    You need to brush up on your New Zealand accent and video yourself doing a 10 sec impression of Zane Lowe. You can do this on your mobile phone or video camera and then email it to me If you're not sure how to do that then follow this link and you'll find some really simple instructions.

    You haven't got long - the competition closes on Thursday 25th Jan at 6pm, so get your videos in now!


    • Annie Mac
    • 15 Jan 07, 12:00 PM

    Would you like to win a digital radio? To have a plethora of new sounds and voices at your fingertips?

    Do you like being silly?

    then you're in the right place. We're having a competition on your Show where we want you to video yourself making a funny noise and send us the video. you can e-mail it to me at

    Use this man as inspiration.

    now get filming!


    • Annie Mac
    • 13 Dec 06, 02:41 PM

    the dedication that went into these lights scares me. Send me your christmas links and other cool/uncool christmassy things you've been sent or have found...

  1. We've made the news!

    • Annie Mac
    • 5 Dec 06, 03:55 PM

    Watch from about 6 minutes in.....


    • Annie Mac
    • 19 Nov 06, 10:47 PM

    is our vlogger of the week... this is her latest vlog..

    she's done some really funny verbal 'meanderings' aswell..her opinions on random stuff.

    I spoke to her on the show this week and she said she noticed how few British people were representing on she started posting and now she's really big! Let me know what you think of her stuff... and who else do you like watching on Youtube?

  1. Next week we'll be talking about..

    • Annie Mac
    • 19 Nov 06, 10:42 PM


    have a go. tell me what you think..


    • Annie Mac
    • 14 Nov 06, 07:16 PM

    he's done it again..

    thanks to adam for coming on the show and reccommending our next vlogger of the week..Paper Lilies..we'll be focussing on her vlog next week..

    keep sending your links...anything you find on the net that you're into send it through and we'll talk about it! xx

  1. scream0 for president!

    • Matt Humphreys
    • 10 Nov 06, 05:24 PM

    here's what scream0 did as a response to us talking about him on the show last week....

    he'll be coming on this weeks show as a special guest to talk us through his favourite vlogs....see you there!

  1. TEXT-A-HUG?

    • Annie Mac
    • 8 Nov 06, 03:20 PM

    Check the site

    this won the best invention of 2006 wear this top which is inbuilt with sensors and electronic components and its connected through bluetooth to your phone. Someone can send you a text on your mobile which when you open it converts into the feeling of receving a physical you can hug someone without being anywhere near them. CRAZY. thank you scott for sending me this link.

  1. PETS

    • Annie Mac
    • 6 Nov 06, 01:24 PM

    check out the 'listeners photos' on the main page..thanks so much to all who sent in pics of them and their pets..there's alot of cuteness going on there.. and frankly it's a welcome change to the VERY DISTURBING extra terrestial pics last week!


    • Annie Mac
    • 29 Oct 06, 11:01 PM

    more and more of us are deciding to share our life and thoughts through the form of videoblogging..there's some really bizarre ones out there and I'd love to know which ones you watch on a regular basis. Demented Ferret e-mailed me a while back with a link to Steve Sutton's blog

    he says... ' This guy is some sort of genius, he's 40-years-old and never leaves the house. Though the blogs never really detail anything in specific, you'll find yourself hooked. This man is amazing and I cannot get enough of him, he posts vblogs daily and it's all I look forward to throughout the day. Steve Sutton is a legend.'

    what do you reckon of Steve? and who else do you watch?

  1. real UFO...

    • Annie Mac
    • 27 Oct 06, 03:06 PM

    yesterday afternoon was spent standing in regents park looking for aliens. Luckily for me, something came along just as I was starting to get a bit cold and bored.... check out the LINK LIST on my main page, or click here for our very own UFO sighting!

    and check out the state of my hair... I don't know which is more shocking.. the UFO or my hair..

    what do you think? can you do better? send us your videos of unidentified foreign objects please!!!

  1. unidentified foreign objects...

    • Annie Mac
    • 22 Oct 06, 06:27 PM

    hey ho... hope you enjoy tonight's show..we're talking about EMO, and HIGH SCHOOL THE MUSICAL, the brilliantly cheesy film that girls are loving all over the country....

    so let's talk UFOs... have you ever thought you'd seen one? don't forget to send me the link to your favourite UFO sitings on the net...or maybe you could film your own UFO on your phone? send me through your videos please!

    also don't forget to check out the listeners photos to see if you're in there this week..

    bye for now..x

  1. EMO WAR.

    • Annie Mac
    • 17 Oct 06, 03:47 PM

    so it all started from an ill informed article in the daily mail.. check it here

    then there was the pages of letters in the NME and Kerrang..protesting against the 'EMO' stereotype...

    now there's the EMO rangers show on MTV2

    and My Chemical Romance are number 1 in the UK charts.

    who's side are you on and why? we'll be discussing this on the show on sunday and need your input. What do you think of EMO music? do you think that kids who like EMO are getting an unecessarily hard time? why do you think there's been this sudden backlash? Is this bringing EMO kids closer together?

    your thought and opionions please.. and send us your links for the best blogs and sites for emo lovers or haters..

  1. this weeks show..

    • Annie Mac
    • 16 Oct 06, 01:06 PM

    so if you've already checked out Sunday's show you'll know that I attempted to break the world record for the longest even coin spin. My attempt was feeble, 6 seconds off the record..but it was fun to try..

    Check out the link list to see a variation of attempts and let me know if you decide to try any for yourself! Send us the video clips!

  1. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah......tchuuuuuuu!

    • Annie Mac
    • 11 Oct 06, 05:47 PM

    Check this out. Who would have thought a little thing like that could make so much noise? It's got me thinking... what's better... A sneeze? Or a yawn? It's a tough call for me... but I'm going to have to say... sneeze.

    Answers please...

  1. record breaker?

    • Annie Mac
    • 9 Oct 06, 10:21 AM

    Check THIS out. It was sent to me last week and got me thinking... there's more and more world record attempts on the web these days.. and this one doesn't look that hard does it? maybe I should try one on next weeks show.. what world record could I break?


    • Annie Mac
    • 9 Oct 06, 10:09 AM

    Hello all... just wanted to make sure you have a listen again to Sunday night's show if you haven't already.. we covered loads of stuff from e-bay to to the web music chart to an embarassing mother singing boyz to men on the beach... check out the link list to see everything in full and send us your links... don't forget to check out the photo gallery to check out everyone who listens..and anytime you come across anything cool send us a link!

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