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  1. The Grapest Challenge Ever - Safety Video

    • Little Chris
    • 19 Feb 08, 04:31 PM

    Here on the show we take Safety very very seriously. We advise you not to do our Grapest Challenge Ever at home because it's all done under highly controlled conditions. Don't believe us? Check this video out and see for yourself that saftey is our number 1 concern.

  1. Perez Does The Grapest Challenge Ever

    • Little Chris
    • 18 Feb 08, 02:15 PM

    Perez Hilton joined us on the show yesterday, and he completed Switch's Grapest Challenge Ever... the top scorer previously was Reggie Yates and he got a grand total of was 32... see how he does.

  1. Circus Action

    • Little Chris
    • 11 Feb 08, 12:10 PM

    Do do doo-doo-do do do-do do dooooo.. that's the circus music as Annie & Grimmy went to Cirque Du Soleil at The Royal Albert hall to try and see if they could join the circus... check out how they got on.

  1. Videos Galore

    • Little Chris
    • 17 Jan 08, 11:58 AM

    If you've not heard the show over the last two weeks you've been missing out on loads of things, but as we're so lovely (and modest) we've put some videos online of us doing stuff for you to see with your pretty little eyes.

    First up we challenged Robyn to play Tetris

    Then we let The Hoosier's wreck the Radio 1 office

  1. Backstage on the Hollyoaks set with Ricky Whittle

    • Dellie
    • 23 Dec 07, 07:28 PM

    Well ho, ho, ho and Joy to the World! How you keeping? Done all your Christmas shoppping yet? Nah, neither of I. Tell you what though, have a lil' break from all the Xmas madness and see Hollyoaks in a whole new light. Calvin (or Ricky Whittle to his friends) gave the girls at Switch a sneaky peek onto the Hollyoaks set. How excited? THIS MUCH! Ah, Christmas came early this year for lil' ol' me....

  1. Elliot Minors Christmas Songs

    • Little Chris
    • 20 Dec 07, 03:38 PM

    Elliot Minor came into the studio to sing us some live acoustic Christmas tracks... and you want to see them don't you? Ok here they are.

  1. Pappy Christmas

    • Little Chris
    • 20 Dec 07, 02:50 PM

    Our favourite comedy act Pappys Fun Club popped in again, fresh from scaring Annie, Fearne and Reggie this time for give us a festive treat. Here they are the two sketches from the show plus two bonus sketches... horrah!

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  1. The Hollyoaks (and the ivy)

    • Little Chris
    • 20 Dec 07, 02:47 PM

    So this week we sent our TV girl Laura down to the set at Hollyoaks to look around and get some gossip. You can hear the results on the show, and enjoy these visual delights.... what a Christmas treat.

  1. Shayne Sings

    • Little Chris
    • 9 Dec 07, 09:57 PM

    So guess what happened today, Shayne Ward came into the studio... what a treat. He was set the task to use lyrics you guys had txted in to make up a song with Nick & Annie... I think he did really well. What did you think?

  1. Feel Our Pain

    • Little Chris
    • 2 Dec 07, 07:30 PM

  1. When Dannii Minogue met The Mind Reader - Part One

    • Dellie
    • 2 Dec 07, 07:21 PM

    Well howdy there! Now, you may know that Lil' Chris is charming and funny and a bit clever but did you ALSO know that he can read your thoughts? I know what you're thinking but no, he claims that he hasn't got the superpowers like some character out of Heroes but it's all a trick. Watch and learn as Dannii Minogue tried to outwit the man that is Chris Cox: Mind Reader Extraordinaire...even though he can't really read minds. And this is just part one!

  1. Backstage with the Foos!

    • Dellie
    • 18 Nov 07, 07:23 PM

    Dave Grohl took some time out from his busy schedule to give Switch a little peek into his rock and roll lifestyle. Yes! We're backstage with the Foo Fighters at the O2 arena. How cool is that? x

  1. Booooooooooootiful girls with Sean Kingston

    • Dellie
    • 18 Nov 07, 07:11 PM

    Sean Kingston likes to think that he can spot a gorgeous girl at 20 paces so Annie and Grimmy set him a little quiz. They showed him a selection of British beauties and he had to decide whether they were hot or not. Out of a choice of a princess, an actress, an ex girl band member and a Big Brother celeb guess which one he called NOT BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!! x

  1. Richard Fleesham Says Hi

    • Little Chris
    • 11 Nov 07, 09:27 PM

    Soapstar Superstar Richard Fleeshman popped in to the show, played his new single and gave us an exclusive tour of Radio 1... ch-ch-ch-check it out!

  1. Laura went to the TV Awards

    • Little Chris
    • 1 Nov 07, 10:51 AM

    While many of you were out trick or treating we sent out lovely TV lady Laura to the Royal Albert Hall to The National TV Awards to bag as many interviews with as many celebs as she could. See how she got on!

  1. We scare Fearne, Reggie & Annie

    • Little Chris
    • 28 Oct 07, 08:25 PM

    You'll have heard them screaming on todays show, Fearne, Reggie & Annie got the fright of their lives from Pappy's Fun Club...

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  1. Na Na Naaaaahh!

    • Little Chris
    • 28 Oct 07, 08:04 PM

    So N-Dubz have just been in rocking it in the studio and they've recorded this video message for your viewing pleasure... so enjoying viewing it, I hope it's a pleasure for you!

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  1. A Scary Good Time

    • Little Chris
    • 28 Oct 07, 07:00 PM

    Well this week's show was all about scary things for Halloween... well not all about that, but a large chunk of it was! We set comedy group Pappys Fun Club the challenge of scaring Annie Mac. We sent them to Thorpe Park to not only get scared themselves in various haunted house attractions but also to learn how to scare other people... and to dance with Zombies.

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  1. On this weeks show, we get Scared

    • Little Chris
    • 25 Oct 07, 10:50 AM

    We've got a great show lined up for you on Sunday from 7 on Radio 1, we've got N-Dubz coming in live, more live tracks from Sound, all the ususal stuff and we'll be looking ahead to Halloween with comedy group Pappy's Fun Club. They're going to talk about how we sent them to be scared, and give us the laugh out loud funny lowdown on how to scare, setting you up for your halloween with a bang. See you there...

  1. Behind The Scenes Video Blog

    • Little Chris
    • 24 Oct 07, 03:17 PM

    Well funny man Russell Kane came in to the show on Sunday, and has left this exclusive video blog for your viewing pleasure. This week we've got a real comedy treat for you, check out the blog on Thursday for a nice little teaser.

  1. Girls Aloud Teach Us How To Dance

    • Little Chris
    • 21 Oct 07, 07:06 PM

    Well what a busy show it was on Switch this week. Girls Aloud popped in to say hello, you can see some images of them here. They taught Annie and Nick one of their dance routines... have a look at this

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  1. Behind The Scenes On Switch

    • Little Chris
    • 16 Oct 07, 11:22 AM

    Hello there blog readers,

    Well how exciting, this is the first behind the scenes blog from BBC Switch with Annie Mac. Annie her goodself, and her hard working, talented, good looking and modest team Megan, Adele and I hope to be able to keep you up to date in this blog by peppering (but not salting) it with plenty of behind the scenes info and exclusive content of what we've been up to. To start with have a little look at this exclusive video blog we got Nick Grimshaw to film on Sunday.

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  1. Switch launches!

    • Annie Mac
    • 14 Oct 07, 08:44 PM

    Well just a quick one because I'm still on air and I'm so excited to launch Switch on BBC Radio One. We're with you every Sunday from 7 to 10pm now, this week it's been a classic show.. and there's still more to come. I'll blog later in the week with more info, but for now here are a load of videos for you to enjoy from behind the scenes in todays show! There'll be more throughout the week, yay!

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