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  1. crowdsurfing and vitamins

    • Annie Mac
    • 28 Sep 07, 09:00 PM

    Hey sitting in the office before the's bucketing down rain outside. Winter is here. Can't belive the Summer is's been good though..

    Isle Of Wight Festival, Wireless in Hyde Park where I interviewed Daft Punk, Glastonbury, Fortdance in Russia, all those trips to Ibiza, playing that castle in Jersey, Creamfields, TDK festival, electric Picnic in Ireland and the grand finale, Bestival. I have one more trip to do. Next Wednesday I'm off to Malawi to DJ for the Lake of Stars festival. I'm going on my own so it's going to be interesting. I'll bring my camera as always. Then the DJ tour (see line ups below), the new TV show (Sound on BBC2, Saturdays 5.30pm) and the new Radio show (Switch, Radio 1, Sundays 7pm) start. The Mash up will still be alive and kicking, an hour earlier than usual. 9pm on Fridays here we come!

    Jaysus. I've started taking vitamins for the first time in my life.

    Thanks for all your comments below about bestival... here's a pic of the stagedive at the end! it was so much fun by the way.. so civilised.. I felt very safe in all those hands..and was politely placed back down on top of the decks with everything intact, flip flops still on and everything. LOVED IT.

  1. Follicles

    • Annie Mac
    • 3 Aug 07, 08:49 PM

    There's a beauty salon on my road which is actually called 'Follicles'. It makes me laugh everytime I pass it on the bus.

    Dizzee Rascal in the minimix tonight! and loads of big big tunes! listen again and tell me what type of dance moves you rocked!

    Zoop Zoop!

  1. From Russia with love..

    • Annie Mac
    • 23 Jul 07, 01:05 PM

    what a bizarre few days it's been. I did my first gig in Ibiza on Thursday, on the terrace at Amnesia.. it was a lot of fun. and great to see that I can get away with much more challenging music than I could last year..the times they are a changing! I finished DJing at 4.30am and went back to a friends villa where I had a swim, watched the sun come up and a bloody mary and then went to the airport. It was like a mini 8 hour holiday.

    After being woken up on the tiled floor of Ibiza airport by a random girl (oh the indignity) I got on my plane and got on the gatwick express train. We were kicked off the train after 10 mins and told that due to the flash flooding earlier on that morning, Victoria station was closed alongside 14 other tube stations and the train was going no further. I was beginning to get delirious with lack of sleep at this point so got in a cab. 2 hours later I arrive at my flat find that it had also been a victim of the floods. I squelched my way over the carpet to my bed and fell asleep face down on my bed for 4 fitful hours. Then I went and did the Mash Up,.. which is always the best cure for any kind of trauma.

    On Saturday morning I went to St Petersburg to play at the fortdance festival. Fortdance is on a fort on a tiny island that is 10 mins in a boat... in this case a wooden boat, blaring out trance music with a beautiful pink sunset behind was all quite magical and inspiring. I met some great girls who do national russian radio and they love the show. I couldn't believe how much people knew the show.. I had Mash Up jingles sung to me! Made me realise just how far it is possible to reach with Radio on the internet and it made me so grateful to have this show that I can play the music I love on.... better go before I get too emotional. There's a video podcast of my Russian adventure coming soon..xx

  1. BASSLINE...

    • Annie Mac
    • 1 Jul 07, 06:34 PM

    Yo Yo! a few things... firstly I forgot to write that I did interview Daft Punk in the end. They were very lovely, very intelligent men and you will hear the results of the interview on the Mash Up soon. Also this week one of my favourite bands of the moment, CHROMEO came into the studio for an interview. If you listen to them you'll hear that there is big use of the 'vocode' in their music... well Pee Thug from the band brought in his voicebox and ended up speaking to me through the whole interview in a very deadpan, Vocoded voice. It was very very hard to not laugh, (alot of hands over the mouth moments) but it was wicked and I can't wait to put it out on the show in a few weeks.

    Now this weeks show is all about BASSLINES.

    Where would we be without the bass guitar? Think about your favourite basslines and help me put together a bass heavy MASH UP this week..leave your suggestions below..THANK YOU!

  1. Lusty Glaze...

    • Annie Mac
    • 15 Jun 07, 07:24 PM

    Hello thanks to all who came down to my gig at The Isle Of Wight festival last weekend. I was up against Muse and was convinced no one would come and see me... it was loads of fun in the end...You Muse You Lose!

    This weekend I am going to the Wireless festival in London to see CSS, LCD Soundsystem and Daft Punk. I am also, gulp, going to be interviewing Daft Punk for the Mash Up.

    I've got so much stuff to ask them.... I kind of hope that they keep their robot masks on through the interview...I wonder will they? I don't think I want to see their real faces.

    Last night in Newquay, I was playing at the final night of Summer Break, a four day festival for students who've finished college for the summer...Rachel and I stayed in a lovely hotel on, wait for it, Lusty Glaze Road overlooking Fistral Beach..My room was called Driftwood, hers was called Skylark. It was all serene and beautiful. A stark contrast to the 'New Rave' themed evening at 'Waves' nightclub that I DJed at. A couple of thousand kids in fluorescent leg warmers and face paints, glow sticks ahoy. I took it upon myself (maybe it was the sea air) to try and get everyone to take their clothes off during the last three songs of my set. Thanks to those who made the effort.

    Hey check out the Dizzee Rascal vid on my page now..and check out tonight's MASH UP, a minimix from The Go Team AND Digitalism and big tunes as always.

  1. the purple one..

    • Annie Mac
    • 11 May 07, 03:26 PM

    Last night I was stretched across my sofa watching the L Word on my laptop when I got a call to see if I wanted to see Prince do a secret gig at KoKo's in North London.

    An hour later I was there, the celeb count was great.. Matthew Williamson, David Furnish, David Walliams, Pete Burns (wrapped in a union jack!?!?!) to name but a few.

    I've never seen Prince, I probably won't ever again. He played for about two hours. There was few too many slow jams for my liking, and alot of new stuff but I could have watched him dancing till the middle of next week. He is a proper mover, totally in tune with the music. There were two highlights..

    At the end one of his singers belted out a version of Gnarls Barclay's Crazy while he climbed on top of a speaker stack and went crazy..then he jumped down and did a fevered rendition of Nothing Compares 2 U. Wow.

    Half way through the gig he invited some audience members on stage. There's nothing more embarassing than watching people just like you and me, trying to 'feel the funk' alongside Prince on stage. One girl was particularly loving it, and quite fancied herself as a proper dancer... Prince slid up to her and let her plant a kiss on his cheek, after which he fell down on his back in a theatrical display of love. Then the girl decided to ..wait for it.. STRADDLE.. Prince and start grinding in his face while he is lying on his back.

    It was an excruciating moment, that lasted about 3 seconds before the girl was forcibly removed from Prince and the stage (and probably the building) by 3 big burly bouncers. It made my night.

    If you like Prince, listen to the Mash Up tonight from 10pm or listen again anytime you like next week.

  1. music...

    • Annie Mac
    • 1 May 07, 05:47 PM

    it's blazin' sunshine. and I always like to keep a soundtrack to accompany the season's changing...

    FEIST's album The Reminder made me cry on the plane home from Ireland last weekend. Her voice is heartwrenching and the whole album is beautiful.

    ROBYN's album is more playful and fun. It's proper bona fide electro pop music and soo good for dancing around to...

    Simian Mobile Disco's album Attack Decay Sustain Release and The Chemical Bros We Are The Night are both head to head in the public transport listening stakes. For some reason I have to listen to big banging music whilst on public transport. The Simian Mobile Disco LP is winning though... I keep going back to that..

    Talking about Simian Mobile Disco..have you seen the line up for Radio 1's Big Weekend in Preston? It's off the hook! LCD Soundsystem, CSS, Calvin Harris, M.I.A, Mark Ronson, Maximo Park, Groove Armada, Bloc Party, Jamie T, The Twang, Cold War Kids, DIZZEE RASCAL, The Gossip, Klaxons?!?!?!?!?!

    it's incredible! and that's just the bands that I want to see!

    I'll be Djing at the afterparty on Saturday May 18th with Tongy and Simian Mobile Disco.. I'll be giving away tickets to this party on the MASH up on friday...

    see you there..

  1. it's been a long time

    • Annie Mac
    • 20 Apr 07, 03:10 PM

    I've been away in austria for the week at a festival called Snowbombing. This involves navigating the snowcapped mountains by day and raving in sweaty wooden public houses by night. It's hard to do both well. I managed for two days and just partied the rest of the time.

    My gig was alot of fun. I met this girl MC from the band Mr Hudson And The Library before I went on and she asked did I need any MCing. She ended up spitting over most of my set... loved it. Especially when she was trying to spell my name at the end and kept getting it wrong... the A to the N to the N to the A the M the E etc etc..

    I've got loads of pics to update onto my flickr page..gonna do that now..sorry they're so long overdue..

    Tonight's mashup is gonna be wicked.. we've got a minimix from D&B producers Matrix And Futurebound and a last blast fully dedicated to SPEED GARAGE!! brap brap!


    • Annie Mac
    • 23 Mar 07, 02:13 PM alright? I've had a nice calm(ish) week after a hectic weekend of gigs (Moda in Lincoln and The Plug in Sheffield) and radio shows and I'm ready to embark on another!

    tonight we shall counteract Pete Tong's Pool Party with our very onw Mash Up House Party. Who needs a swimming pool in miami when you've got a flat, a radio and all your mates around! we're playing all the big houseparty joints..

    come join the fun. And if you can't be with me live then listen again godammit! xx

  1. Encore Encore!

    • Annie Mac
    • 16 Mar 07, 10:27 AM

    Tonight's MASH UP is based on a particular moment at the end of a club night. It's usually somewhere between 3 and 6 am. The lights have just come on and revealed hundreds of sweaty, smudged, contorted faces..all baying for that 'one more tune'.

    One of my favourite one more tune moments was DJ Sneak dropping Armand Van Helden's 'You Don't Even Know Me; at Shine in Belfast years ago..another was Erol Alkan finishing his set with Queen's Don't Stop Me Now at Chibuku Shake Shake in Liverpool. I'm sure you have one in your head. what's the best LAST tune you've heard in a club?

    Tonight we're speaking to the DJS to find out their ultimate encore tune and of course we'll be playing your suggestions.. so let's have them!

  1. a week.

    • Annie Mac
    • 16 Mar 07, 10:07 AM

    hello..what a weeks it's been. Sunshine every day.

    Since the last blog post I've seen the result of 2 weeks of toil back in february in the form of this months edition of Mixmag. I've done a DJ mix for the covermount CD.

    I've gone for a run around the park and done press ups and sit ups Rocky Balboa style (didn't punch up cow carcasses like in the latest film).

    My friends and I have come second in a pub quiz and we won a KORN bloack hoodie which I triumphantly paraded around South West London on my cycle home.

    Went to see LCD soundsystem last night who were amazing.

    Ahead of a hectic weekend of gigs and radio shows.. I'll be DJing in Lincoln and Sheffield and presenting both of Sara cox's shows this weekend as well as my own Friday and Sunday ones..

    So have you downloaded video podcast number 2 yet? please do..remember its FREE. We're going to be doing lots more so if there's anything that you'd particularly like us to film then now's your chance to get your suggestions across..think about people or places that you've wanted to know more doesn't have to be about Radio 1 there any singers or bands that you'd like me to talk to? or gigs that you'd like me to go backstage at?

  1. istanbul

    • Annie Mac
    • 19 Feb 07, 11:52 AM

    Hello it's monday's been a typically hectic weekend, show on Friday, and a flight to istanbul on saturday morning where I was to play in a club called Indigo. We were met by our guide Azak, a 23 year old student who is a part time actor and full-time clubber...he took us to a fantastic restaurant where a huge group of mates were having one of the best parties I've ever seen, it was all traditional turkish music instruments passed around the group, lots of booty shaking by the girls and big rowdy choruses.. it definitely added to our dinner which was gorgeous. He told us 17/18 million people live in Istanbul and driving through it, it seeemed absolutely vast. The mosques looked like they couldn't be real they were so magnificent. The club was very cool, I played for 3 hours in the end and loved every minute of it. There's so much good music around at the moment and there were alot of tunes that I played out for the first time..

    Axwell/Ingrosso/Angello/Laidback Luke - 'Get Dumb'
    Speaker Junk - 'Foxxy (Switch Remix)
    Andy Caldwell - 'Warrior (Claude Von Stroke Remix)

    they all featured in Friday's mash up as well so have a listen again when you get a chance this week..

  1. love.hate

    • Annie Mac
    • 9 Feb 07, 04:24 PM

    hey ho..tonight on the show we'll be celebrating/commiserating the week ahead by playing all the best songs about love. Now don't get me wrong, it's not going to be soppy centrale, we'll be playing bitter and twisted stuff too and as always you're help would be appreciated.. give us your suggestions for songs about far I've thought of

    Daft Punk - Digital Love, The Cure - Lovecats, Joy Division - Love Will Tear Us Apart.

    Any more ideas?


  1. the ronson minimix

    • Annie Mac
    • 5 Feb 07, 12:31 PM

    how good?

    Martin - 'All I can say is the Mini Mix from Mark Ronson has to be one of the best ever. His new album is now on the top of my wish list - what a talent.'

    Archibald - 'Annie this weeks mini mix was RETARDO amazing'

    listen again and let us know what you thought..


  1. ronson

    • Annie Mac
    • 2 Feb 07, 11:42 AM

    hey dudes... tonight on the minimix we have Mark Ronson. You've heard alot of Mark Ronson productions without probably knowing it... recently he's produced Amy Winehouse's LP, songs on Lilly Allen's LP and Robbie Williams LP. He's also been busy making his ode to the songs he loves, an album called Version, which consists of covers of everyone from Radiohead to Coldplay to Kaiserchiefs to Britney Spears. The latest release from it is a cover of The Smiths Stop Me and it's sublime.

    Mark is a party DJ through and through, check out the tracklisting on his recent essential mix and you'll see why I'm looking forward to tonight's minimix so much.

    watch this vid to see him in action...

    check out his mix tonight, alongside big glastonbury classics, from 10pm. x

  1. I nearly forgot..

    • Annie Mac
    • 30 Jan 07, 03:20 AM

    ...we have a new producer on the show for a while, his name is Rob. Lorraine has gone to Brazil to be with her fiance and help him run his chocolate shop. Can you believe she bagged a Brazilian fittie who owns a chocolate shop? I thought that only happened in chick-lits.

  1. 212

    • Annie Mac
    • 30 Jan 07, 03:03 AM

    Hey all. Got back from NYC on Friday morning, I had a brilliant time, New York is an intense sucks you in and spits you out and always makes you want to go back for more. I don't know whether it's the physicality of it, how everything seems like you've seen it before, (you have, just on the telly) or the niceness of the people, (my friends and I got welcomed by randoms on the street every day we were there), or the ridiculous shopping and the restaurants. Whatever it is, my love affair continues and I can't wait to go back next year.

    So how've you all been? Did you enjoy the show on Friday?

  1. munday.

    • Annie Mac
    • 15 Jan 07, 11:41 AM

    Hello, it's yet another crisp sunny day with endless blueskies..not quite sure whether I should be morally enjoying the effects of global warming as much as I am. Just listening back to the weekends shows.. check out Kele from Bloc Party's minimix on Friday if you get a chance....

    Loving the Paul Simon track that I opened the show with and the DJ Spen track and the Beyond The Wizards Sleeve track aswell.. let me know what you're favourite tracks were...

    I also spoke to Jamie T on Your Show last night who was lovely..don't forget he's filling in for Zane tonight..I have a feeling the music is going to be ace.

    Word Of The Day.

    Invidious, meaning, causing resentment. Ie, When tony won the lottery he was put in an invidious situation...

  1. 2007 and away!

    • Annie Mac
    • 5 Jan 07, 05:01 PM

    hey all, happy new was yours? Is it right to say that I'm glad to be back in my cosy flat in south london and consuming all the new telly that's on (celeb big brother, this life plus 10, etc) and enjoying taking it easy for a while? Don't get me worng, New Years was great, I played in Birmingham at The Custard Factory and then in Manchester at The Warehouse Project and both gigs were great. I'd never done two gigs in one night before and it was really exciting... we were abit late for the warehouse project and I had to leg it into the venue and go straight on the decks..It was like Challenge Anneka, without the helicopters and the godawful jumpsuits. This week I've mainly been covering for Jo Whiley's show in the mornings and vegging out watching TV in the evenings. Am already completely addicted to CBB. Dear me.

    Right! let's get down to business! Because the last two weeks shows have been retrospectives..we are very much looking forwards tonight. I'll be playing you the new Simian Mobile disco record, the new 4Hero, new Drumsound And Bassline Smith, LCD Soundsystem, new Switch and the list goes on. We have a minimix from Paul Epworth .You may know him as a record producer who's past longplayer conquests include The Rapture's Pieces Of The People We Love and Bloc Party's Silent Alarm. He also goes under the name of Phones and Epicman where he makes mad grimey dance music...

    Future minimixers over the next few weeks include, Bloc Party, Klaxons, Ben Westbeech, Sinden, Claude Von Stroke and Calvin Harris...enjoy the show and heres to another great year..x


    • Annie Mac
    • 13 Dec 06, 02:37 PM

    hey ho ho ho ho... the lights are up, the cold has kicked in and oxford street has turned into babylon. It's definitely December. The ANNIE MAC PRESENTS tour is nearly over, it's been a fantastic time and I was quite sad driving back from Middlesborough Empire at 7am on Saturday morning..mind you, that could have been sleep deprivation and hangover.

    The tour has seen all sorts of DJs rock the clubs... from Erol Alkan to Pendulum to Justice to Yoda to Sinden to Mylo to Switch to Klaxons to Simian Mobile Disco to High Contrast to Optimo to Andy C's been amazing to watch some seriously talented people. I've discovered some amazing music along the way as well... biggest tracks for me during the tour are as follows.

    Nicky Van She & Dangerous Dan - Around The World Again (Bang Gang)
    Beatles Vs Diplo - Shhhake It All Over (White)
    Klein - Bunnylake (Christopher Just's Disco Demon's Dub) (Klein)
    Robbie Williams - Lovelight (Soulwax Ravelight Remix)
    Klaxons - Makick (Simian Mobile Disco mix)
    Richard Dinsdale - Sniffin' (White Label)
    Herbert - Movin Like A Train (Smith And Hack Remix)
    Justin Martin - The Fugitive - Buzzin Fly
    Pablo Ingles & Mr. Zim - Peanut Butter Jelly Time
    Louie Austen - Disco Dancer (Christopher Just Remix)
    The Rapture - W.A.Y.U - (Simian Mobile Disco Mix)

    Let me know if I left any out. The last date in 2006 is on December 15th at Fabric in Room 3. On New Years Eve I'm in Birmingham and Manchester..

    There's so much good music around at the moment..I've got a great feeling about next year. Just think, full length albums from Justice, LCD Soundsystem and Simian Mobile Disco! Timbaland is in the middle of producing Bjorks new album..can't wait to hear that as well as new music from Mylo and Stuart Price as well..

    Current favourite tunes are..

    Eyerer And Chopstick - Haunting (Christoper Just Mix) (IO Music)
    Mason - Bermuda Triangle (White)
    World Domination - Galactic Lover (Kitsune Maison)
    Shychild - Drop The Phone (PIAS)
    Subfocus - Special Needs (White)
    The Rapture - W.A.Y.U (Claude Von Stroke Mix)

    My New Years Resolutions are..

    start making music
    play more D&B gigs

    what are yours?



    • Annie Mac
    • 8 Dec 06, 08:54 PM

    Hey tonight's going to be a great show...

    we've got new tunes from LCD Soundsystem, Mason, Subfocus and Shy FX and the exclusive of Erol Alkan's new remix of The Klaxons..

    gotta go down to the studio..

    let me know what you think and have a wicked weekend! x

  1. thank you james bailey...

    • Annie Mac
    • 30 Nov 06, 05:43 PM

    for making me this masterpiece as a reaction to my 'player of the year' accolade from IDJ magazine. Am very chuffed!.x

  1. 1st December.... WHAT?!?!?!?

    • Annie Mac
    • 30 Nov 06, 05:27 PM

    How do these things happen? how does a year go by like a month? It seemed like yesterday I was giddy and shouting my way through our christmas show..playing all the biggest hits of the year.. JLC's mix of Royksopp's What Else Is There, Tiga's mix of Thomas Anderson's Washing Up, Mandy's Body Language etc etc.

    So I find it weird to say that it's time to pick our favourite tracks all over again. Once again I'll be giddy and shouting my way through several shows of the big tracks of 2006 and once again you decide what they are. So have a think..what tracks have got you up on your feet and smiling in 2006? I'm thinking Christopher and Raphael Just - Popper (Shinichi Osowa edit), I'm thinking Gnarls Barkley, I'm thinking Noisia, or what about Justice? there's so many.. please leave your suggestions below and we'll get cracking....


    • Annie Mac
    • 27 Nov 06, 01:06 PM

    The biggest night of the Annie Mac Presents Tour happened on Saturday night. We all headed up to the Boddington's Brewery in Manchester.. Cliff richard was playing round the corner at the Manchester Evening News Arena and I had to drag my DJ bag through the throngs of Grannies all excited post-Cliff. It was a beautiful contrast to the Warehouse, which was vast and cold and absolutely throbbing with overexcited being one of them! My set went well.. it was quite terrifying at points due to the amount of people in front of me but by the time I ended with The Beatles All You Need Is Love I was really happy. Other tracks in the set included..

    Bloc Party - Banquit (boysnoize mix)
    Kelis And Cee Lo - The Dark Of The Night (Linus Loves Mix)
    Majik Johnsonn - Scanning For Viruses (Claude Von Stroke Mix)
    Beatles VS Diplo - Shhhake It Up (White Label)

    Klaxons played after me and sounded brilliant.. after which Erol Alkan, Mylo And Switch finished the evening off brilliantly.

    Thank you to everyone who came.. check out the pics on my Flickr (bottom right of this page)...


    • Annie Mac
    • 18 Nov 06, 12:49 AM

    Just back home after the friday night mash was so much fun tonight..the music came together really well and we played some AMAZING tunes..

    Diplo's mash up of the Beatles, a reggae/ragga twins hybrid, Nelly Furtado and Armand Van Helden, a daft punk cover version, massive breakbeat from Rogue Element and Hardy Hard, beautiful deepness from Justin Martin and a yummy electronic funk remix of Kelis from Braxe and Falke..

    I love music.


    tell me what you think...

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