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  1. David Attenborough

    • Annie Mac
    • 27 Jan 08, 10:00 PM

    Next week, we're going to pre-record an interview with the legend that is Sir David Attenborough. We really want to ask him your questions, so please do let us know any questions you want to ask him.. just stick it in the comments box.

    Annie x

  1. Switch's Grapest Challenge... EVER!

    • Little Chris
    • 27 Jan 08, 07:10 PM


    We're sitting in the studio before the show and Simple Plan have just left us. It was very chaotic and unfortunatly for us they left a momento. Vomit in our bin.

    They're playing three gigs today a record for them, so we thought we'd ask them to break a new record, a world record. Chris discovered that there's never been a record for the most amount of grapes in a mouth in one go without any eating of grapes, roll VT.....


  1. Birthday Action

    • Little Chris
    • 23 Jan 08, 12:31 PM

    On Monday I celebrated my Birthday, which was very lovely. The rest of the switch team very kindly brought me a cake and a card.
    That's not all though... keep reading....

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  1. This, is my skin

    • Little Chris
    • 21 Jan 08, 05:54 PM

    Ok, that was a poor attempt at being a bit like Kate Nash, the title of this blog, but it's about Skins. We've spent today (my birthday) in the office drinking tea, eating cake and working out which Skins characters we are... this is what we've come up with.

    Mind-reader Chris ACTUALLY talked to Mike Bailey (Sid) and Michelle off of Skins about it and they thought he was a bit like Sid- because they are both from Bristol, he can do his accent and even though he can't pull off a hat. He also reckons that he's got a similarly embarrassingly flirting technique.

    Producer Megan is a bit like Michelle because she is pretty, admired but she doesn't have a Tony in her life- thankfully!

    We think Annie Mac is Tony because she is in charge and we do what she wants. She also has great taste in clothes.

    Grimmy is a bit like Chris cause he makes us laugh and is a free spirit.

    What about you though... which Skins character are you most like and why? Give us your comments... and if you like Skins listen to the show this week to hear an exclusive chat with the cast.

    Chris x

  1. Panic At The Disco dates!

    • Little Chris
    • 20 Jan 08, 10:23 PM

    Hope you all heard the lovely Brendan from Panic (note the lack of !) At The Disco on the show. Not only did he make us laugh and sing with Annie but he also announced EXCLUSIVELY the UK dates of their tour in March.

    And in case you missed them here they are again.
    Sunday 9th - Birmingham Academy
    Monday 10th - London Roundhouse
    Wednesday 12th - Manchester Academy
    Thursday 13th - Glasgow Academy
    Friday 14th - Leeds University Refectory
    Saturday 15th - Nottingham Rock City

    Keep checking here and we will let you know when they are on sale!

  1. Spatula: The Epithiny

    • Annie Mac
    • 20 Jan 08, 09:50 PM

    Tonight we created radio history the comedian and Skins writer Josie Long camer up with an idea to confound and confuse teachers across the nation whilst simultaneously giving you a burst of joy amongst the turgid boredom of homework.

    We asked you to insert the word SPATULA into whatever piece of homework you were doing as soon as we told you to, and you did. IN YOUR HUNDREDS.

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  1. Videos Galore

    • Little Chris
    • 17 Jan 08, 11:58 AM

    If you've not heard the show over the last two weeks you've been missing out on loads of things, but as we're so lovely (and modest) we've put some videos online of us doing stuff for you to see with your pretty little eyes.

    First up we challenged Robyn to play Tetris

    Then we let The Hoosier's wreck the Radio 1 office

  1. Oh My Gosh I Saw Skins

    • Little Chris
    • 11 Jan 08, 01:31 PM

    Oh my oh my, I'm one excited fella today. This morning I got to go see the first episode of Series 2 of Skins, which'll be hitting your TV screens early Feb, and if that was not exciting enough I got to sit next to Mike who plays Sid in the show, and watch his every reaction.

    All the cast were they, and none of them had seen it, so it was very weird seeing their first reactions to the show... and some very interesting reactions they were too. Yet I'm not going to give you all the goss now, tune in from 7 on Sunday to Switch with Annie Mac on Radio 1 and I'll let rip on all the gossip about the first episode (while giving away as little as possible) what the cast thought of it, what they did while they watched it, and all that stuff.

    If that's not all I also got to speak to them all, so we'll be playing interviews with Sid, Cassie, Michelle, Tony and all the guys from Skins over the next few weeks. Horrah!

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