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Hair today, gone tomorrow.

Sarah Walker

Standing in for Anne this week on air

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Faithful companions in life often take the form of a partner, a family pet or maybe even a teddy that you’ve had since birth. One of mine is my hairdryer – or should I say ‘was’. After twelve years of faultless service, it finally blew it’s last breath at 7.03 this morning. I am in mourning. Yes, it had lost its back plate, therefore allowing all manner of things into the electrical gubbins inside (including some of my hair as it happens, which led to its demise). It was also littered with souvenir scuffs from various house moves and it’s plug was a little withered after having me stand on it numerous times in the morning rush.

But here’s why I got so attached to that little electrical appliance. It was a Christmas gift from my parents. It blew my hair straight on the night that my husband proposed to me in the Dominican Republic. It blew my hair dry on my wedding day and came with me half way across the world on my honeymoon (admittedly to be left untouched in the case because it was too hot and humid to even consider blow drying my hair). It was in my hospital bag when I had my first son (and believed, stupidly, that I might have any time to do my hair with small children). So, it’s been through some pretty big life moments and has survived long beyond the years I predicted for it.

RIP my faithful companion.

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