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Big footed Ladies

Anne Diamond

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During the filming of Titanic, Leonardo diCaprio used to make fun of co-star Kate Winslet’s feet. That’s what she admits – because she has, for a woman, rather large feet. Leo used to call them her “canoes”. They’re a size 9. But that’s nothing, compared to other “Bigfoot” lady celebrities, because Sandra Bullock’s feet are size 9.5, Angelina Jolie a size 9, Elle MacPherson an enormous size 10 and Jerry Hall a whopping 10 and a half! As if that’s not surprising enough, on Sky News this morning, presenter Eamonn Holmes asked the ladies around his newsdesk to confess the size of their feet – and they were all 9s and 10s. So what’s going on? And are men’s feet expanding too?

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