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Can you take the heat

Anne Diamond

Do I really need to give temperatures in Fahrenheit any more when I read the weather forecast on the BBC? I always do, bur to be honest I am not sure why. Somewhere ingrained into my broadcasting training is the mantra that you need to give temperatures in both Celsius (or is it Centigrade?) and Fahrenheit because older people still think in F rather than C. But, of course, that belief might have been true thirty odd years ago but it possibly is not now!

Certainly that’s what listener Peter thinks. He sent me an email saying he felt rather patronised - because he feels it’s a misguided nod to “older” people. Peter added: "Don’t believe your colleagues if they tell you that older people prefer it. I am over 70 and have many friends of a similar age. We are all able to cope with Celsius temperatures and find it condescending to suggest we cannot. After all, we managed the change to decimal currency without a problem and nobody talks about half crowns, sixpencies and threepenny bits any more!”

Point taken.I shall deliver the forecast from now on just in C. Until someone from a remote department somewhere within the BBC turns up at my studio to pull me back into line. I’ve delivered two forecasts thus already this morning. Just waiting for the knock on the door.

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