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Black sheep in your family?

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Anne Diamond | 12:55 UK time, Wednesday, 20 February 2013

A black sheep

Lovely cartoon in today's Daily Mail of a black sheep sitting at a computer, looking up his ancestry online.

Today, the national archive of criminal records was published online and The National Archives, and it means that, whilst you're checking up on your own family history, you can also trace any murky characters on your family tree. Hope you don't find the one I've been talking about this morning - one Amelia Dyer, the Caversham woman who (in Victorian times) was responsible for the murder of some 400 babies she'd had entrusted into her care. She was hanged at Newgate in 1896.


  • Comment number 1.

    I haven't taken the time to explore my ancestry but according to family lore, it seems the reason my ancestors came to America was because there were a misunderstanding concerning the ownership of a certain horse... and while most immigrated to America with their worldly possessions, my ancestors were traveling light and fast..grin..

    There are no documents that I am aware of that substantiate this, of course, but true or not, it does make for a lively conversation while having a pint at the local


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