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A raw deal.

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Anne Diamond | 14:18 UK time, Tuesday, 22 January 2013


Prince Harry was clearly miffed that, while being on active service in Afghanistan, he was forced to do photoshoots and interviews with the media. It was all part of the bargain that the MoD struck with the media so that his latest tour wouldn't be leaked until it was over.

Now the newspapers and commentators are moaning about his attitude, sensationalising his admission that he has indeed killed enemy, and criticising his thoughts on privacy and the press.

I think it's a great pity he had to do the interview at all. We know he's a serving soldier, and in my view he should have been left to get on with the job. His advisers gave away too much when they struck the deal. They should have agreed to release a couple of photos and that's it. For heaven's sake, Harry has a job to do, like the other troops out there. Our media should respect that, and shouldn't expect deals and bargains to guarantee his security. What he gets up to in Las Vegas in his own time is a different matter, but when Harry's in the army, he should be left well alone.


  • Comment number 1.

    Well said Anne. It's a pity the press don't see it like that.

  • Comment number 2.

    I believe that the entire Royal Family should be left alone unless they have something they wish to make public when it comes to their private affairs, whatever they may be.. unfortunately in today's world a good deal of the press and media have too much time on their hands, are competing with each other and will stoop at nothing, looking for THE story that will give them fame (and perhaps fortune) with little regard as to welfare/personal feelings of the individual or individuals..

    In the case of Harry, the media wasn't trying to do a story about a brave soldier serving his/her country, but digging for anything that may make headlines, especially the tabloids!..


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