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A "polymathlete" Gold medallist.

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Anne Diamond | 12:30 UK time, Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Anne and David smith with a gold medal

If someone's brilliant in many subjects, we call him a polymath.

Dictionary definition: "From the Greek polymathēs, "having learned much". A person whose expertise spans a significant number of different subject areas." Leonoardo daVinci was a notable polymath.

Well, what if you're someone who's brilliant at not just one, nor two, three, but at least four different sports - at world level?

Well we tend to refer to them as multisport athletes or sporting polymaths.

But why not polymathletes?

One such was certainly my guest today, Paralympic goldmedallist David Smith, who was born with what they used to call "club feet", and yet has competed at national and internataional levels in karate, skiing, bobsleigh and finally Paralympic rowing. See his wonderful gold medal above. Hear his story on the iPlayer!!


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