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A student bedsit as a London pied-a-terre?

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Anne Diamond | 12:55 UK time, Thursday, 13 September 2012

One of my sons starts uni next week, and so we went along to have a look at what will be his student accommodation (which is costing an absolute fortune) yesterday. Very, very, nice. A stone's throw from Waterloo, totally modern, beautiful bleached oak desk and shelving, an immaculate ensuite shower room and even a double bed - yes, in a single bedsit!

He was quite pleased.

I was ecstatic.

It's absolutely what I want. Not for him, for me. A lovely, clean, modern, hassle-free pied-a-terre. I could move in quite happily tomorrow. I am so envious.


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    I'm just guessing, you've never actually had the misfortune to live in a bedsit, if you ever fall upon hard times you might not have such a naive optimism, I speak from experience and hope you never actually have to live the bedsit life. Believe me, I learned a lot from that period of my life and I have no desire to sample that lifestyle again. Check out The Bedsit blog and see for yourself.


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