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Our girls....

Predictably today's newspaper front pages are celebrating Bradley Wiggins' Olympic triumph but I'm so glad to see that "our girls", Helen and Heather, get almost equal coverage because after all, they gave Team GB the first gold of the whole 2012 Olympics!

I'm back with the rowing community, at Leander Club in Henley this morning, to see if we can get any more medals. Hopes are high. Also really pleased to see that there are no empty seats in the public stands at Eton Dorney, where the rowing is taking place.

Unlike Wimbledon, where I was with my family on Tuesday. We had seats in court #1, and witnessed the longest Olympic tennis match ever, between French ace Tsonga and the Canadian #1, Milos Raonic. The last set, which went on for three hours, went to 25 games to 23! Fantastic! Then we saw young British starlet Heather Watson on court - playing to a rapturous welcome by an army of fans waving Union flags and chanting her name.

But I couldn't believe so many stayed empty all day. When you think of the tennis fans who would have desperately wanted to see top class tennis at the world's most famous tennis venue, it seems scandalous. What's going on?


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