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Good luck to all doing exams!

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Anne Diamond | 12:47 UK time, Monday, 11 June 2012


Got a lonesome little text from one of my sons while on air today. He's been swotting like crazy all over half term, and late into the night, trying to prepare for his A levels.

If hard work were all it took, then he deserves to do pretty well. But sadly, when it comes to exams, you do need a bit of luck, too. You need them to ask you a couple of questions at which you can excel.So imagine my upset when I got a text saying 'well, that did not go well...' It's so sad. He left home with such optimism this morning. He's said that none of his questions were 'meaty' enough to write a good essay.

Exams may be difficult for those doing them, but they're agonising for us parents. I think I'm going to have to go home and make a lot of soup. And help with a bucketful of revision. And talk a lot about positive thinking.
And cross legs, fingers and any other available digits, limbs and protuberances. For the next few weeks. Grr. I hate this time of year!


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