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"...this poor little scrap..."

baby in an incubator

It's been wonderful hearing some of the conversations as part of the BBC's Listening Project.

Today, we heard a highly emotional conversation between Steve and Judy, a doctor at the Royal Berks and a hospital chaplain. 30 years on, Steve was still hugely upset to recall the time he was caring for a tiny baby who was dying. He felt that they should stop any more medical interference and simply allow the young parents to hold their child - 'this poor little scrap', as he put it - until the inevitable end.

He said the hardest thing was walking away and getting on with the rest of the day's work. He was sure he couldn't have gotten through it without the help and support of the hospital chaplain. Do have a listen. There are lots of wonderful stories and snippets of valuable conversations on the Listening Project website. Congratulations to all those who've put it together.

Ohh - and Happy Easter!


  • Comment number 1.

    It is sad indeed..a child taken so young, when there are plenty of miserable excuses for human beings still alive in this world..hopefully, for a brief time in history, while holding the child, there was some happiness, a cherished memory perhaps...especially for the mother.. I had picked up a quote some years back on the internet, it said "a child is the mother's heart outside her body"...

    A safe and Happy Easter to you, family and friends, and the folks at BBC Berkshire


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