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Our Lego man outfit!

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Anne Diamond | 10:50 UK time, Thursday, 22 March 2012

Anne's lego head

Well, this is just the head!

The good people at Legoland Windsor must have thought I was quite mad when I rang yesterday and asked a: if they had any Lego man outfits for sale in their shop and then - when they said no - b: did they (the guys in the Public Relations department) have any Lego man costumes that perhaps they use for PR purposes?

No, they said, we don't do much dressing up here.

So I just had to go home and start making one.

This is one of the bits about parenthood I just absolutely love - and to be quite frank, I've missed it since my boys grew big and don't seem to want to go to fancy dress parties anymore dressed as Supermen, baddies from The Lord of the Rings or Thunderbirds pilots.

So out came the homecraft scissors, off I went to the DIY store to beg for some big cardboard boxes (they were very sweet and gave me several) and I got gluing, sellotaping and cutting. My son hardly got a look in - though he's going to have to help a lot tonight with the spray painting.

Honestly - you won't believe how many people in America (they're very into dressing up, aren't they?) have posted really really helpful hints and tips online about how to make a great Lego outfit.

Thought you'd like to see how the head looks at the moment. We think his face isn't quite right - gotta get the proportions better cos at the moment, he looks a bit weird!


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