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Yes, I've got a laundry room!

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Anne Diamond | 14:30 UK time, Friday, 16 September 2011

laundry basket

Today my lovely colleagues at BBC Radio Berkshire were mocking me for having a laundry room, because I'd mentioned it while we were talking spiders. (There was a huge one in my laundry room this morning. One of my sons managed to get the better of it after a long battle, with a shoe. Now I've got to go home and hoover up the body from the hallway and a single leg from the kitchen floor...Ugh.)

So yes, I do indeed have a laundry room. You have to when you have four sons and they all wear shirts and socks (and other pieces of clothing too) and you spend your life gathering up from the floor, piling into laundry baskets, shovelling into washing machine, in and out of the drier, off and on the hanging rail, out and under from the iron or press, and then onto the backs of children who wear it for a day and then throw it back onto the floor to become a hiding place for a - spider!

I hate to wish time away but I'll quietly give thanks when September is over and the really big arachnids wobble off their horrid spindly legs and die.

Meanwhile, I'm off on The Wright Stuff next week.

But when I come back - I'll be presenting a fantastic "Anne Diamond's House Party From The Bright Lights of Bray" from inside one of the homes of the rich and famous in that leafy green part of Berkshire, and playing host to other glitterati neighbours. Think Michael Parkinson, Rolf Harris etc Should be really great. Bet they all have laundry rooms. And staff to take care of the spiders.


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