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Beds. Too good to share!

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Anne Diamond | 12:50 UK time, Monday, 25 October 2010

couple in bed

I don't think I could ever, ever, ever share a bed again. Don't get me wrong - I can totally foresee a time when I might entertain again...if you see what I mean. But to always share a bed? Nah! Not even if he were a billionaire with a bed the size of a tennis court!

According to one sleep expert with whom I spoke today, Dr Neil Stanley, we are the only species on the planet where mates co-sleep. It literally happens nowhere else in the animal world. We have for some reason created a ritual that is, perhaps, unnatural!
Yet it is a fairly recent habit. In Days of Yore, couples didn't sleep together. Mothers slept with the children and fathers slept in the prime position in the cave or dwelling, probably near the fire!

Now, we hear, a quarter of British couples sleep in separate beds because one partner has an unbearable night time habit, like snoring, hogging the duvet, mumbling, moaning and sleeptalking!

A friend of mine says John Lewis have already recognised this and are in the process of developing a king size duvet that's half light-weight and half heavyweight - because that's what they are asked for time and again!

Sleep - it's such a luxury and yet such so vital. Too important to risk on the doubtful sleeping habits of another human!


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