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Why do we all look so glamorous in scrubs?

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Anne Diamond | 13:10 UK time, Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Man in scrubsThat's what my son was asking yesterday. He's very excited, you see, because he's been doing work experience in a hospital, and had to change into scrubs for the whole day in an operating theatre where he could witness operations. There I was, presenting my radio programme and my phone blipped with an incoming text.

"Having a great time!" he texted. "Just done a gall bladder, a hernia, and now with the surgical team - we're all having lunch together, sitting here in our scrubs!"

I remember witnessing my first operation and getting changed into those scrubs. It's weird because they are hardly the most glamorous fashion, but everyone looks so good in them. Why? Is it just because we associate scrubs with all of those famous TV medical sitcoms and dramas?

It's GCSE day today, and I'm back at the microphone now waiting for one of my other sons to text me with his results. No news yet. Let's hope it's good!

Have you seen the BBC TV programme, "Secret Britain" about the hidden corners and secret gems of British countryside. Well, today I was asking about hidden gems of Berkshire. Just a few ideas of places well worth visiting:

  • Combe Gibbet, near Newbury, an absolutely beautiful spot but with a gloomy past. There's a replica gibbet there now. The original was put up in 1676 to hang an adulterous and murderous couple! So a beauty spot with a moral then!
  • Another caller recommended walks along The Devils' Highway, a partly paved highway cutting through the Berkshire woodland to the south of Bracknell and following a Roman Route
  • Of course, the Roman ruins at Silchester.
  • Also, just over the border into Oxfordshire, the picturesque village of Ewelme
  • Lily Hill in Bracknell

Just a few ideas if you fancy an afternoon out in the last remnants of the summer sunshine!


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