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What on earth?

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Anne Diamond | 12:01 UK time, Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Colin's metal detector

It's a metal detector, that's what, and it has made quite a bit of money for its owner over the years! Like £25 grand after the discovery of a 3,000 year old necklace in a wheat field in our area! You'd think that, by now, after centuries of farming and hundreds of years of people tilling and working the earth under our feet, there were no ancient treasures left to find. But all the time, wondrous artefacts are being found. And my guest this morning, Colin Hennell has made many extraordinary finds with this simple piece of equipment, including the necklace (which was of solid gold) and other Roman coins, old military ware, buttons and brooches. If you're interested in finding out more, Colin is giving a talk as part of the Festival of British Archaeology - at Wokingham Library, 6.30 tomorrow.

Anne's dove at rest in the gardenMeanwhile, how is the crazy bird in my garden? You'll remember that I was talking about birds whose populations are going into decline. No wonder, I thought, if they're anything like the bird-brained female in my garden. She's a collared dove (I think, from my trusty "garden bird spotter" booklet) and she has created the most pathetic nest I have ever seen. It's no more than a sprinkling of twigs. And there she sits, precariously hovering in a tree just a few feet above my little herb garden.

Another broken eggIt's so sad, because every time she lays an egg, it falls through the ridiculous trellis of twigs that is her nest, and lands on my flower pots beneath. She'll never have any babies this way, poor thing.

Went to the cinema with my boys last night to see Toy Story 3. It is indeed brilliant, BUT I hate having to wear 3D glasses. To me, it spoils the relaxation of sitting back and enjoying a movie. Why is it all the rage, I asked, when I don't honestly think it adds much to the movie? My son Jake reckons it's all to do with the movie makers desperately trying to beat video piracy. Difficult to pirate a 3D movie apparently.


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