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Those end-of-term things - like the School Play!

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Anne Diamond | 14:33 UK time, Tuesday, 29 June 2010

It's most certainly that time of year. Just as I think I might have time to sit in the garden and admire my new automatic watering system (I've been plumbing it into all my pot plants) or chill in front of the Wimbledon TV, I get a frantic call from my youngest, at school.

"Mum, can you find an arrow?"

He's in a school play. This I know because I suddenly had to make him a Tudor gentleman's frock coat at the weekend, out of an old black blanket and one of his brother's school blazers.

But now he has to find an arrow, he says. And it cannot just be a pointy bit of wood, he adds. The play's director wants it to look authentic. Er... excuse me?

This is what happens at this time of year.

It's not easy being a mum. It is a constant challenge. To which sometimes I rise, and at which other times I fall far short. Trying to make up my mind right now as to whether I should go up into the attic (where number 2 son's old archery kit might be stored) or give up before I start. Too many spiders up there. Which are also big at this time of year.


I've made up my mind.

I'm staying downstairs with Andy Murray and a glass of OJ.

Meanwhile, Sarah Walker - who's looking after the programme this week - writes:

There are few events that have been going for the last 171 years. But the Henley Royal Regatta has managed it and resumes again tomorrow. Today on the show, I learned that it's one of the few sporting occasions that survives without commercial sponsorship. In a bizarre way, maybe this lack of dependency on the corporate sector has been the secret of its success. Chairman of the Regatta, Mike Sweeney told me that three weeks after the end of this year's Regatta, plans will begin for the 2011 extravaganza. All of this hard work is worth bearing in mind as we sip our spritzers by the banks of the Thames this weekend.

On the phone-in today, I heard your locked-out stories after my front door became jammed an hour before the England v Germany game on Sunday! Most tales seemed to involve sliding people through small, open windows. Our former Olympic Rower, Sarah Winckless admitted that her housemate had once done this very thing. He slipped through the window and brought the sink underneath it off the wall, only to discover the keys to the front door were in his pocket the whole time and Sarah was inside waiting for him!

Rowers at the 2007 Henley Royal Regatta


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