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Ascot dress dilemmas

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Anne Diamond | 13:04 UK time, Wednesday, 16 June 2010

"Stately as a galleon, she waltzed across the floor."

D'you remember that famous Joan Grenfell song? About a portly woman "doing the military two-step as in the days of yore...."

I was reminded of it today when BBC Radio Berkshire's Sarah Walker told me she was going to Royal Ascot tomorrow, and she's 32 weeks pregnant. I wish she'd told me much earlier because I have an utterly gorgeous Royal Ascot dress which was designed for me by Gina Fratini back in the 80s, when I too was hugely pregnant but still needed to look glamorous!

I remember making an enormous entrance, in a flurry of yellow and white taffeta.

Like a galleon.

I'm bringing it in tomorrow to show her but I gather she's already chosen a little maternity number in grey, green and yellow.


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