Keri Davies Keri Davies | 23 February 2012

Ambridge village website - final entry

We're sorry to say that we've come to the last entry on this, our version of the Ambridge village website.

In a time of limited resources, we've decided that it's best to focus our energies on the main Archers site.

Of course, on-air in The Archers, the Ambridge website goes from strength to strength, thanks to Jennifer and Lynda's continuing efforts.

We hope that you've enjoyed the items in this area. We will carry the occasional piece written 'in character', on the main Archers blog.

Jennifer Aldridge | 21 October 2011

Bonfire petition

Many villagers have enjoyed the annual Guy Fawkes bonfire which has taken place for many years on the village green. The proximity to The Bull means that refreshment (and indeed lavatories) are easily accessed.

Nonetheless, it appears that certain residents are not so happy with this longstanding arrangement. Hilary Noakes of Grange Spinney has asked me to mention her petition to move the bonfire to a new (unspecified) location. She did tell me where the petition can be found, but I'm afraid it's slipped my mind at the moment. But I'm sure if you feel strongly on the issue you will track it down.

Jennifer Aldridge | 7 October 2011

Harvest Supper

St Stephen's Church

Harvest Supper

Sunday 9th October 2011

This year's Harvest Supper is once again held at Brookfield Farm (by kind permission of David and Ruth Archer)

Tasty Autumn food will be provided by the ladies of Ambridge WI, then we'll work it off with barn dancing under the auspices of caller Jolene Rogers. This is always a well-attended and most enjoyable event, at which all are welcome, whether churchgoers or not.

Tickets: adults £6, 5-16 yrs £1, under 5s free of charge.

Doors open at 7.30pm with food served from 8pm.


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