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Zubin Sarosh

Christmas reflections

Posted from: Wijint
Following Matt's return home it was time to regroup and carry on with the filming. Steve Robinson, his boss, came out to replace him and we recommenced our journey down the river. Morale was obviously quite low at this point but following an amazing three-day boat journey through spectacular landscapes we all perked up and continued with the job at hand.

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Steve Robinson

Planning hallucinogenic visions

Posted from: Wijint
We're in Wijint and having a bit of a hard time again. It took us nearly three days on boats to get here, on smaller and smaller rivers, travelling 15 hours a day and leaving before dawn to arrive after dark. We did travel through the most amazing jungle though, and I sometimes had to pinch myself to remember where I was and how lucky we all are.

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Zubin Sarosh

Zubin's birthday treat

Zubin's overwhelmed by his birthday surprise

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Zubin Sarosh

A traumatic time

This trip has been an incredible experience that we've been privileged to have but, with the ups always come the downs, and there have been one or two of those on this shoot, most notably the scare we had with Matt Brandon, the Producer/Director. Matt and I have known each other since we were 13, we went to school together, he was the best man at my wedding, and he is godfather to my daughter Sofia.

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Matt Norman

The Rapid with no Name

Posted from:Tocador.
After an early start and long drive we met up with our white water rafting guides and set out to explore one of the high Peruvian tributaries of the Amazon. This leg is going to be particularly difficult when working with the camera equipment as we need to capture great shots of white water rafting yet not destroy our cameras at the same time.

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Zubin Sarosh

Preparing for rafting

Posted from:Cusco
We are now back in Cusco for a rest day before we begin our descent, tomorrow we leave at 4.30 to start two days of white water rafting on our way to Ayacucho. I'm very excited about this.

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Zubin Sarosh

Zubin kicks off

The team show off their football skills

Zubin Sarosh

Ceremony at the Source

Posted from:Mismi Base Camp
After our acclimatization walks the whole team went on another walk two days ago - slightly easier this time - to head for the source. The landscape on the way up was quite amazing - almost lunar - and definitely had the feel that not many people had been up to this place, as if people were not meant to be there.

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Zubin Sarosh

Altitude Sickness

Posted from: Mismi
We've got to the source of the Amazon on the Mismi Mountain and we're filming the opening scene of the series. Yesterday Bruce, Matt N, John (fixer) and I went on an acclimatization walk, which involved lugging a load of kit up endless false peaks until we reached about 4800 metres (a bit below the height at the source which is 5200m).

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Zubin Sarosh

The end of an eventful journey

Zubin describes a near miss on the journey from Cusco

Zubin Sarosh

Twenty Hours in Transit

Posted from:Lima
Just arrived at our hotel in Lima and we need to be up in two hours so everyone has crashed in their rooms for a power-nap. I've had too much coffee so I've decided to sleep during the journey to Cusco tomorrow instead.

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Matt Brandon

His and His watches

Matt B and Zubin show off their new purchases

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