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Zubin Sarosh

The school disco and Matt N's boudoir!

Posted from: Wijint
At the moment I am sitting in our camp in the Achuar village of Wijint, we have been given the use of one of the thatched open-sided houses that are typical here. The roof is about 20 feet high and made of palm leaves with a raised floor made of tree bark, we are in the centre of the village next to the ever present football pitch, which seems to be the centre of most of the communities we have seen here in Peru.

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Steve Robinson

Huge Catfish, Barbed Stingray and The Black Hole

Posted from: Wijint
I've just emerged from my sick bed after 36 hours of sweating, stomach cramps and violent diarrhoea! Some nasty little beast got into my gut and wreaked havoc. Unfortunately this is not a great place nor time to be ill.

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Bruce Parry

Poison Fishing

Posted from: Wijint
We got up pretty early to trek to the fishing spot. It was a bit of an epic trek! There was loads to carry: I had a basket full of leaves weighing about 20kg, which I’d strapped to my head and we had the massive Z1 camera.

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Bruce Parry

To catch a fish

Watch Bruce preparing for a fishing trip with the Achuar people and attempting to spear a fish for his dinner.

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Contact Impossible

Posted from: Wijint
We are here in Wijint and contacting the office is really difficult so we'll have to send all our website content when we're back in San seems impossible to send things with the transmission kit here - it takes 45 minutes for one file, which is just impossible when we're running it from a generator.

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Steve Robinson

A Welcome from Warriors

Posted from: Wijint
Well, we got here at last, but haven't had the smoothest of rides so far. The Achuar seem pretty underwhelmed to see us and so far we're having some trouble working out how to make this film.

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Bruce Parry

House hunting

Bruce looks for a house, and finds a hunter

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Steve Robinson

Planning hallucinogenic visions

Posted from: Wijint
We're in Wijint and having a bit of a hard time again. It took us nearly three days on boats to get here, on smaller and smaller rivers, travelling 15 hours a day and leaving before dawn to arrive after dark. We did travel through the most amazing jungle though, and I sometimes had to pinch myself to remember where I was and how lucky we all are.

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Zubin Sarosh

Zubin's birthday treat

Zubin's overwhelmed by his birthday surprise

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Bruce Parry

Bruce meets the elders

Bruce meets the elders of the Achuar village to discuss the team's stay

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Bruce Parry

Filming with time constraints

Bruce explains the team's difficulties

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Bruce Parry

Back to school

Bruce admires the work of the local schoolchildren

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Bruce Parry

A long way to get permission

Travelling up river to the Achuar village, Wijint

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