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Raquel Toniolo

The Wealth of the Amazon

Posted from: Manaus
I've been to Manaus a few times before; a land full of contrasts that always fascinated me. You may think it's jargon, but it is really in the heart of the Amazon. It's the main gateway to jungle locations.

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Raquel Toniolo

'Working' round the clock!

Posted from: Manaus, Rio Negro
These days hardly feel like work - I've never had so much fun in a shoot. Three days with our character and host Tony, and I'm shattered, not because of work, but because this boy is a party maniac. I'm 31 and almost can't keep up with the schedule.

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Keith Schofield

Swimming with the River Dolphin

Posted from: Manaus - Rio Negro
Today was a recce day with new Director James Smith. He is hilarious. We've just completed 72 hours of non-stop partying with a Brazilian eco-millionaire and his beautiful friends. We've fallen into random swimming pools at 4am and danced on the back of pick-up trucks as the dawn broke. We outstayed our welcome at a few nightclubs and danced as the cleaners swept up around our feet.

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Bruce Parry

Arriving in Manaus

Bruce arrives in Manaus and prepares himself for the Amazonian Rich List

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