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Bruce Parry


Posted from: Tabatinga
I heard from Steve today. Apparently he's just had the best few days surfing imaginable on the coast of Peru as a break on his long journey home to the madness of the office in Cardiff. It has given me a smile all day to think of him out in the water.

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Steve Robinson

A Conversation with a Snake

Posted from: Iquitos Airport
Well, we've finished film two and so we're officially a third of the way through the series. It's been bloody tough but also pretty fantastic. We've seen and filmed some amazing things, made some incredible friends and passed through some of the most spectacular landscapes on Earth.

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Willow Murton

Korma Conspiracy

Posted from: Ushpayacu
There is something conspiratorial about the gathering outside the hostel tonight. Hunched over and concentrated, the crew sit and eye each other with suspicious hunger, each clasping their own chosen packet of ration food.

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Steve Robinson

Drowning and Calling for Help

Posted from: River Maranon between Yurimaguas and San Lorenzo.
We're back on the river again, going back to San Lorenzo, the ugly town on the banks of the Maranon. It's cold and grey and we're all wrapped up in Goretex and fleece as if we were on the Wye, not a tributary of the Amazon just south of the equator. Everyone is hunkered down inside the private world of their Mp3 players.

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Happiness in an Ugly Town

Posted from: San Lorenzo
I'm in the little jungle town of San Lorenzo. The electric light is coming on and off after a storm so I hope I won't lose what I write. I've just shown the website to a lovely girl called Frida who works in this tiny wooden internet cafe and I was going to call this town a 'horrible little place in the middle of the jungle' but I don't want to offend Frida if she ever reads this blog!

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Zubin Sarosh

Christmas reflections

Posted from: Wijint
Following Matt's return home it was time to regroup and carry on with the filming. Steve Robinson, his boss, came out to replace him and we recommenced our journey down the river. Morale was obviously quite low at this point but following an amazing three-day boat journey through spectacular landscapes we all perked up and continued with the job at hand.

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Steve Robinson

Huge Catfish, Barbed Stingray and The Black Hole

Posted from: Wijint
I've just emerged from my sick bed after 36 hours of sweating, stomach cramps and violent diarrhoea! Some nasty little beast got into my gut and wreaked havoc. Unfortunately this is not a great place nor time to be ill.

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Steve Robinson

Planning hallucinogenic visions

Posted from: Wijint
We're in Wijint and having a bit of a hard time again. It took us nearly three days on boats to get here, on smaller and smaller rivers, travelling 15 hours a day and leaving before dawn to arrive after dark. We did travel through the most amazing jungle though, and I sometimes had to pinch myself to remember where I was and how lucky we all are.

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Steve Robinson

Three Days on a Boat

Posted from: On the way to Wijint
I never want to see a boat again in my life. We've been on this bloody boat for three days now and still haven't got there. The river is low and strewn with fallen trees. And we damaged the propeller on the first day so progress is painfully slow.

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Steve Robinson

Film one nearly done

Posted from: Ashaninka Village near Catunga.
Thank God. It feels like we've arrived somewhere safe at last. We're in a tiny Ashaninka village four hours downriver and it is quite beautiful.

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Steve Robinson

Getting a helping hand

Steve and Matt receive plenty of help from the local children whilst filming in an Ashaninka community.

Steve Robinson

Amazon United F.C.

Posted from: Catunga.
Catunga is a weird place. Two years ago a local logger built a road through the forest and roads change things quickly around here. In return for the right to log the forest around Catunga, he built them wooden houses, probably made out of their own wood.

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Steve Robinson

An Unannounced Arrival

Posted from: Catunga.
This is one of the most dangerous places we’ll visit on this journey, a place entirely beyond the rule of law but if we are to follow the course of the Amazon River, from source to sea, then we have to come this way. We stood on the beach with our pile of boxes and giggled nervously.

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Steve Robinson

The Ashaninka in the Red Zone

Posted from: Catunga.
We’ve had a very strange day, even by our very high standards. We’re in a small settlement called Catungo, in the Apurimac Valley in Peru. We’re in what is known as the RED ZONE, a place deemed so dangerous and difficult that the local law enforcement agencies have given up on it.

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Steve Robinson

Blowing up the Bossa

Posted from: Palma Pampa.
We had a great day today, out with the drug police blowing up coca labs. We should have got a really exciting sequence for the film.

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Steve Robinson

Cocaine Badlands

Posted from: Miraflores / Lima.
It's strange to be back in Peru so soon. I wasn't expecting to be here again for a while, but have come out to take over from Producer/Director Matt Brandon who fell seriously ill just over a week ago. I saw him at the clinic yesterday and he seems to be recovering really well.

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Steve Robinson

Matt B taken seriously ill

Posted from: The Amazon production office, Cardiff
Producer/director Matt B is taken seriously ill in Peru. Steve Robinson explains what happened

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Steve Robinson

The Adventure Begins...

Posted from: Cusco
The team has finally arrived in Cusco after a gruelling three days travelling. Amazingly all of our 45 boxes and bags got here too, and the two Matts and Zubin are now in the hotel lobby with cables and cameras spread everywhere, trying to cut down on equipment before they leave for the source of the Amazon, which is up in the high Andes.

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