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Solange Welch

A White Knuckle Jungle Climb

Posted from: LBA Research centre, 2 hrs north of Manaus

It's 7:30am and I've already had one of the most exhilarating and terrifying experiences of my life. If I do nothing else today I will still go to bed with a feeling of accomplishment. I could probably be a bum for a whole month and feel no guilt. I have enough adrenalin in my veins that if I was so much as to sneeze right now my constitution might go into overdrive and start fitting with anaphylactic shock. I know that's medically inaccurate but it sounds good.

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Solange Welch

It's a Dog's Life

Posted from: Gold Mine, Grota Rica
This evening Russia went down to the riverbank to meet her daughter who lives in the nearest town, Apui, 80km from the mine. It had been raining heavily the last few days and Russia was anxious because the road was bad and Sasha was already a few hours late.

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Solange Welch

Travelling the Transamazonica Trail

Posted from: Apui
For me this is where the journey really began. The moment Raquel and I sat in the back of a pickup truck with our cowboy hats on and started travelling east on the Transamazonica Highway on our way to the gold mine. The precise moment in fact was when the smooth tarmac section of the highway, which cuts through Apui, gave way to the dirt road with a sudden thud of the back wheels.

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