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Raquel Toniolo

Close encounters of the venomous kind

Posted from: LBA Research centre, 2hrs north of Manaus

Finally we'll spend some time in the jungle. There is nothing like to be feeling all the heat and humidity amongst the trees, getting dirty observing and being observed by other creatures. I LOVE IT! My friends some times make jokes calling me the jungle queen. I wish!

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Raquel Toniolo

Meeting Angelina

Posted from: LBA Research centre, 2 hrs north of Manaus

Very exciting, we are hitting the end of our journey and this morning we've headed north of Manaus to a Biological Reserve, called Cueiras. It belongs to INPA (National Institute for Research in the Amazon). Here the LBA (The Large Scale Biosphere-Atmosphere Experiment in Amazonia) researches the interaction between the Amazon forest and the regional and global atmospheres.

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Raquel Toniolo


Posted from: Gold Mine, Grota Rica
Comfort for me is having a clean toilet to sit on.

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Raquel Toniolo

The Gold Rush

Posted from: Apui
I have had four hours sleep. I spent the night packing and chatting with Sol: a little bonding session.

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Raquel Toniolo

The Wealth of the Amazon

Posted from: Manaus
I've been to Manaus a few times before; a land full of contrasts that always fascinated me. You may think it's jargon, but it is really in the heart of the Amazon. It's the main gateway to jungle locations.

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Raquel Toniolo

'Working' round the clock!

Posted from: Manaus, Rio Negro
These days hardly feel like work - I've never had so much fun in a shoot. Three days with our character and host Tony, and I'm shattered, not because of work, but because this boy is a party maniac. I'm 31 and almost can't keep up with the schedule.

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