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Bruce Parry

Mornings with the Matis

Bruce spends the morning with Tumi's family. Tumi's daughter and grand-daughter, featured in the video, are both ill.

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Matt Norman

High Shots

Matt sets up the jib - but isn't quite prepared for the audience

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Bruce Parry

Helping hands

In 2006 Bruce stayed with Tumi and his family while making Tribe. He's back at their home again, helping out with the daily chores.

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Bruce Parry

The Matis Medical Emergency

Posted from: Aurelio
Today I moved into Tumi's house. Tumi was my host when we made the Tribe episode of the Matis and in most ways it is great to see Tumi and his family again - they have been really welcoming and pleased to see me, and the children have grown up loads. But I went to bed last night feeling disconcerted and strange - the Matis here, as in other communities, are having a really difficult time.

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Rob Sullivan

Meeting the Matis

Rob describes the crew’s arrival at the Matis village

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Bruce Parry

Parry's tactics

Bruce enjoys some female company

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Rob Sullivan

Family ties

Rob shares family photos and stories with the Matis

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Bruce Parry

A Time for Tribe

Bruce and the Matis chief Txema plan a viewing of the Tribe programme about the Matis

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Bruce Parry

Meet the Marmoset

Bruce makes a new furry friend


Lessons in filming

  • Pete
  • 9 Feb 08, 11:01 AM

Bruce shows off the team's kit to a fascinated audience

Bruce Parry

Return to the Matis

Bruce arrives in Beija Flor, a Matis village he had visited for the series Tribe in 2006

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