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Marina De Brito

A Tough Kitten

Posted from: Jacare
We all loved the second community we visited, but Bruce became attached to one particular member of the community - a small black kitten. This was no ordinary kitten, it was the hardiest and toughest kitten we had ever seen.

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Marina De Brito

Waiting for fish

Posted from: São Raimundo do Jarauá in the Sustainable Development Reserve, Mamirauá.
We went out this morning to go fishing with Jorge from São Raimundo de Jarauá, not just for any fish but for the largest, scaled, fresh water fish in the world. Its name: the pirarucu. Pira means red in the local indigenous language and rucu mean fish, so the red fish. Its scales are famed to be red and really quite beautiful, but none of us have ever seen one.

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Marina De Brito

Amazon Skies

Posted from: Sao Raimundo do Jaraua in the Sustainable Development Reserve, Mamiraua
The sky in the Amazon changes with every passing hour and it never ceases to amaze us. Especially sunrise and sunset, these are times when we all rush to the front or the back of our boat and start clicking away with our cameras. The skies turn from pink to orange, the canopy goes from green to golden yellow, reflecting the light of the sun.

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Marina De Brito

Fish Stock

Posted from: Sao Raimundo do Jaraua in the Sustainable Development Reserve, Mamiraua.
We have been here for three days now. This is a small community of about 20 wooden houses on the banks of a river channel called Jarauá. The channel comes off the main river Japurá, and Japurá feeds the Amazon river itself about 36 kilometres downriver from here.

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