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Bruce Parry

Bodypainting with the Kayapo

Posted from: Krinu

Bruce and the crew take part in traditional Kayapo bodypainting...

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Keith Schofield

Gauchos and Hamburgers

Posted from: Altamira

It was looking grim. Heron, our French Sound Recordist, has the most wonderful sense of humour. He has kept me in stitches for days. It was looking grim because at this moment his humour had been replaced by a growl that only a Frenchman can growl. All I had done was sink our crew 4x4 up to its axles in sand - having just crossed a river via some bits of wood cunningly disguised as a bridge.

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Keith Schofield

Sex and the Canopy

Posted from: LBA Research centre, 2 hrs north of Manaus

During one of the Seven Days, God decided to get to grips with planting trees. He spent most of the morning sprinkling a few here, and planting a few there. He covered most of the world with them. Then He looked at Wales, and decided to make it even more beautiful by fiddling a bit with the coastline around Pembroke. On his way over, he dropped the half-used packet of assorted tree seeds all over the Amazon. Hence the Amazon has more than its fair share of trees - in fact, one hectare of the Amazon contains more species than the whole of the North American continent.

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Keith Schofield

Golden Ruin

Posted from: Gold mine - Garimpo do Juna
The last day at the mine. Confused with the ritual of searching for right and wrong. Sometimes, simple observation is not enough. We have been here to find the stories of the people who exist in this random squalor - and find out what drives them to the goal of riches while surviving on a fiver a day. When first we saw the main mining area of Grota Rica it was shocking.

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Keith Schofield

Striking it Rich in Strange Territory

Posted from: Gold Mine, Grota Rica
Probably the hardest thing I've ever filmed. Bouncing about on the back of a dilapidated truck on a dirt track oddly described as a highway. We were on our way to a gold mine and filming a conversation between Bruce and Dudu travelling along the Transamazon Highway. Bouncing would be an understatement. Thrown around is probably more accurate. As the viewfinder drilled its way into my head, Bruce was on the ceiling and Dudu somewhere else. You get the idea.

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Keith Schofield

Swimming with the River Dolphin

Posted from: Manaus - Rio Negro
Today was a recce day with new Director James Smith. He is hilarious. We've just completed 72 hours of non-stop partying with a Brazilian eco-millionaire and his beautiful friends. We've fallen into random swimming pools at 4am and danced on the back of pick-up trucks as the dawn broke. We outstayed our welcome at a few nightclubs and danced as the cleaners swept up around our feet.

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Marina De Brito

Life on the shoot

Posted from: Jacare
Of all the travel shoots I have been on this has been one of the most fun. It could be Matt's calm, patience and gentle direction, or Keith's super agreeable mood and hilarious jokes, or maybe it's Zubin's mischievous streak, or Bruce's capacity to get us all discussing our deepest thoughts on how to reorganise society or Dudu's endless tongue-in-cheek stories about how he always catches the biggest fish or handled cayman with his bare hands (he has all the scars to prove it, but do we believe him?).

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Keith Schofield

Floating through Ages

Posted from: Jarauara Community - Rio Japura.
The Priest was right. He's a Catholic and entitled to be I suppose. The Catholic faith is massively on the resurgence here. Maybe they all believe his theories on mosquitoes. Not a part of my body is munch-free.

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Keith Schofield

The Perfect Shoot?

Posted from: Alvaraes - Rio Japura
Can’t wait to get off this river taxi - and its lesson on one of the dark sides of my favourite place. I wonder what became of those three hopeless horrified men in their chains. Fifteen years in some rank jail ahead. Still musing, I visited the wheelhouse and we promptly crashed into a floating village. The sound of splintering wood and groaning corrugated iron.

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Keith Schofield

The dark side of the Amazon

Posted from: Tabatinga
I’ve never blogged before. It won’t be easy following some of the most wonderful writing you will have read so far. I prefer to be quiet behind my camera and film stuff – like quiet and shy people do – and leave the writing to those who are gifted at it.

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