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Bruce Parry

Language is no barrier

Bruce and Raymondo bond in the forest, despite a broken chainsaw.

Matt Norman

A Crude Awakening

Posted from:San Lorenzo
Yesterday we drove to a small group of houses next to a small river and spent the night in a temporary medical shelter. The sleeping options were pretty limited. There were a couple of medical trolleys and two small beds. I think that I am lucky to get one of the beds until I lay on it later that night and it stinks of pee.

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Willow Murton

Polluted Currents

Posted from: Andoas
All the long days on the river and the ever-changing logistics and rainclouds above seem worth it today. What a perverse claim to make as we look out on the oil-spilt banks of a stream. Black snakes through the muddy water and clings to all it touches. Rain runs down our faces and over the polluted ground towards the Corrientes River. Words are inaudible in the downpour but the scene speaks for itself.

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Steve Robinson

Devastation and Contamination

Posted from: San Lorenzo.
We’re back in San Lorenzo again on the way out of Achuar land at last. We’ve filmed the end of our story and are on our way to the next. Thankfully this time we’re not in the prison, but in the hostel next door, which is more like an open prison than the maximum-security unit of previous visits.

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Bruce Parry

The aftermath of an oil spill

An oil spill near Jose Oliya, in the Peruvian jungle

Bruce Parry

Oil spill

Bruce travels to an oil spill with Guevara, an environmental monitor for the Achuar

Matt Norman

Stuck in a rut

Posted from: Andoas

The team get stuck

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Matt Norman

Death Row and a Mud Hole

Posted from: Andoas
After days of travelling in tiny boats we make it to the grotty settlement of Andoas. We arrive late and are staying in a hostel made of plywood, as it’s the only accommodation in town. Around us are a few sparse bars and directly opposite a brothel lit up with twinkly fairy lights and blaring out 80’s music until the early hours.

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Willow Murton

Arriving in Andoas

The team arrive at the petrol town of Andoas

Matt Norman

Panic in the Jungle

Posted from: Louisiana
12:30 pm: Covered in sweat from the heavy work the workers take a break and are joined by some other members of the family who have brought them food. No kidding, this was by far the best food on the whole journey so far, made up of some very tasty rice and spicy fish which they very generously share with us.

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