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Keith Schofield

Floating through Ages

Posted from: Jarauara Community - Rio Japura.
The Priest was right. He's a Catholic and entitled to be I suppose. The Catholic faith is massively on the resurgence here. Maybe they all believe his theories on mosquitoes. Not a part of my body is munch-free.

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Keith Schofield

The Perfect Shoot?

Posted from: Alvaraes - Rio Japura
Can’t wait to get off this river taxi - and its lesson on one of the dark sides of my favourite place. I wonder what became of those three hopeless horrified men in their chains. Fifteen years in some rank jail ahead. Still musing, I visited the wheelhouse and we promptly crashed into a floating village. The sound of splintering wood and groaning corrugated iron.

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Matt Norman

False alarm

Posted from: Parana
After the log ceremony we recouped back at our portakabin for a break. Pete was feeling a little better but I was feeling terrible with headaches and sneezing. In these types of village locations we have to be especially alert to malaria symptoms so I had this thought in the back of my mind. Luckily there was a small health hut in the village so it was decided that we would all give blood samples for testing. As I was still feeling bad Rob took over shooting duties to film some nice long lens shots around the village while Pete and I lay on the floor of the hut.

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Rob Sullivan

Dropping Like Flies

Posted from: Parana
The extreme environment of the Amazon is taking a heavy toll on the crew. Yesterday our highly talented cameraman Matt Norman tested positive for malaria and had to be evacuated to the nearest town for medical help. Luckily we are just an hour’s boat ride from a remote missionary air strip and we managed to call a plane in very quickly. He is now the fourth person to leave this shoot.

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Matt Norman

Matt evacuated with suspected malaria

The fourth medical evacuation in full swing

Matt Norman

A dangerous diagnosis

Matt prepares for evacuation as he is diagnosed with malaria

Matt Norman

The Marubo Shaman Ceremony

Posted from: Parana
An amazing sunset disappeared behind the longhouse while inside a night of Marubo line dancing was just kicking off. Philippe informed Rob that Robson the shaman was to later use his shaman powers to treat a young boy who was very ill, so we made ready our equipment for what could be an interesting evening.

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Matt Norman

Making the Marubo Drum

Posted from: Parana
While in the Marubo village we have set up our camp inside a portakabin-style hut that they use as a school. We are of great entertainment to the village and there are always a few Marubo who are happy to sit, chill and smile at us. It’s quite a stinky smelling place, full of hammocks and our eating area. Today Bruce and Philippe will move out and into the longhouse to spend a few nights as guests of a family. Apart from Rob with his asbestos-strength insides, we’ve all been slowly going down with tummy bugs - and the sight of one of us lying on the floor or running for the bushes has not been an uncommon sight. Even Bruce, who never gets ill, is suffering.

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Matt Norman

A Time to Dance

The crew join in a dance in the Marubo longhouse

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Bruce Parry

Breakfast with the Marubo

Bruce enjoys another meal in the longhouse

Bruce Parry

The never-ending lunch

Bruce enjoys plentiful food with the Marubo

Bruce Parry

Bruce pays the price

The after effects of the ant sting

Rob Sullivan

The Sting of the Tucandeira Ant

Posted from: Parana
The tucandeira ant ceremony is an ancient ritual designed to test the strength of the young warriors of the tribe. The Marubo believe that enduring the searing pain of the ant sting makes you a stronger person and a better warrior.

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Matt Norman

Malaria and Marubo

Posted from: Parana
Today was very eventful. We woke up early at the missionary outpost to find that Alaina, our anthropologist and Marubo expert, who had only joined us the evening before, had developed flu-like symptoms and shivers. As we were at a medical outpost she was able to be immediately tested for malaria and unfortunately tested positive. This result meant that Alaina’s trip was over before it had started as, along with protecting her welfare, the Indigenous Reserve has strict rules for protecting those living there from incoming diseases.

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Rob Sullivan

Boats, Bugs and Breakdowns

Posted from: Aurelio just outside of Tabatinga
Whilst the Amazon and its tributaries may flow smoothly and steadily, you can be fairly guaranteed that trying to film here won't. This place throws new problems at you every day: from illness in the crew to boats breaking down, to tricky tribal negotiations and obstructive bureaucrats, not to mention swarms of insects, torrential rain, knee-deep mud and unbearable heat. As producer/director, my job is to deal with all of these problems as they arise, try to find practical solutions and keep the production going. Every delay is extremely costly, financially and editorially as valuable filming time slips painfully away.

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Bruce Parry

The Matis Medical Emergency

Posted from: Aurelio
Today I moved into Tumi's house. Tumi was my host when we made the Tribe episode of the Matis and in most ways it is great to see Tumi and his family again - they have been really welcoming and pleased to see me, and the children have grown up loads. But I went to bed last night feeling disconcerted and strange - the Matis here, as in other communities, are having a really difficult time.

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Steve Robinson

Huge Catfish, Barbed Stingray and The Black Hole

Posted from: Wijint
I've just emerged from my sick bed after 36 hours of sweating, stomach cramps and violent diarrhoea! Some nasty little beast got into my gut and wreaked havoc. Unfortunately this is not a great place nor time to be ill.

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Zubin Sarosh

A traumatic time

This trip has been an incredible experience that we've been privileged to have but, with the ups always come the downs, and there have been one or two of those on this shoot, most notably the scare we had with Matt Brandon, the Producer/Director. Matt and I have known each other since we were 13, we went to school together, he was the best man at my wedding, and he is godfather to my daughter Sofia.

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Matt Brandon

A lucky escape

This is going to be very short for obvious reasons. On Sunday (11th I'm told) we went out of the hacienda to film some simple shots of the area. I was feeling rougher and rougher with my head pounding to the point where I just couldn't move. Everyone had their fair share of sickness, so I presumed that it was my turn.

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Steve Robinson

Matt B taken seriously ill

Posted from: The Amazon production office, Cardiff
Producer/director Matt B is taken seriously ill in Peru. Steve Robinson explains what happened

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