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Christina Daniels

Gunning for a celebration

Posted from: Maraba

So I turned 35 in the third most dangerous city in Para State. Twenty deaths per weekend apparently. I dread to think what happens in the first and second place town! We were hoping to celebrate my birthday at the local Forro dance. But every time we asked someone where the best forro in town was, they'd shake their head and look away. Strange, we thought. Still, we persevered. We were determined to dance.

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Christina Daniels

A Woman's Place...

Posted from: Maraba

Nothing like lunch with a cowboy to take women's lib back a few centuries...

We had a 10-hour drive ahead of us - along the Transamazonica, a 2,300 km long dirt road that stretches between Amazonas and Para state. It was meant to have been paved but like many ambitious constructions in Brazil, investment abruptly came to a stop and things have just remained as they were for the past 36 years.

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Christina Daniels

Soy Export

Posted from: Altamira
We've been filming soy ports today, used by some of the largest cultivators of soy in the world. The cultivation of soy in the Amazon has been blamed for being one of the biggest factors in the deforestation of the Amazon. It comes a close second to cattle ranching.

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Christina Daniels

Beware of Amazon magic

Posted from: Near Santarem

We're travelling down the Amazon River. It's dusk and pockets of sunlight shoot out from the clouds. As we travel downriver, we see the ribeirinhos, the families that live at the edge of the water, in their small wooden houses, always two or three cows and never less than five children running around.

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