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Mission Accomplished

Posted from: Cardiff
I was sitting in the office in Cardiff on a rainy day, trying to make sense of some expenses when Sam asked me: "Can you go to Brazil tonight?" English is not my first language and sometimes I don't understand people. As always when I don't understand I nodded and said: "Yes, yes," and before I could amend my mistake a flight had been booked by the super efficient Jo and I received a paper with instructions: a man was going to meet me in Heathrow at 4 am and give me an envelope, then I had to flight to Brazilia to deliver the envelope to another contact in a place that he would confirm at the last minute. The envelope contained a key piece for a shooting device. I mean, how cool is that? I had just turned into a Bond woman!!

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Twenty-eight Hours of Sleepless Memories

Posted from: San Lorenzo
We stopped for a couple of hours during the night for Gerson to rest after we collided with another log and he had to maneuver to get it off the point of the boat. I was lying down with my barrel and the kicking kid listening to the sounds of the jungle and somebody snoring.

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Happiness in an Ugly Town

Posted from: San Lorenzo
I'm in the little jungle town of San Lorenzo. The electric light is coming on and off after a storm so I hope I won't lose what I write. I've just shown the website to a lovely girl called Frida who works in this tiny wooden internet cafe and I was going to call this town a 'horrible little place in the middle of the jungle' but I don't want to offend Frida if she ever reads this blog!

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Contact Impossible

Posted from: Wijint
We are here in Wijint and contacting the office is really difficult so we'll have to send all our website content when we're back in San seems impossible to send things with the transmission kit here - it takes 45 minutes for one file, which is just impossible when we're running it from a generator.

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Ten llamas and a Donkey

Posted from: On the way to Angostura.
We have just started the trek from the source to Angostura with the llamas. It's a two-day walk, we have 10 llamas and a donkey, and it's been raining - a lot. Right now it's snowing, and it's miserable but the filming has gone really well because it's so beautiful here, and the footage will show this incredible place. We filmed the opening at the source rather than the glacier. It's just a trickle of water on the rock face and I still can't believe how this becomes such a huge sea of water.

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Almu and her Tardis tent

Almu shows off her tent's unlimited storage capacity


Llama Drama

Posted from: The Source
I have to wake up at 3am tomorrow to try to find some llamas to carry Bruce's stuff. I thought that would be easy in llama country but apparently people use them less and less to carry things and they are not trained anymore so they are unwilling to be loaded. I've heard of a place where there was recently a contest of loading llamas in a record time so I'm hoping the people there will point me towards the champion llamas. If not Bruce will have to train one!

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Stuck in Miami

Posted from:Miami
The epic journey has started, and stalled! After sitting in the plane on Miami runway for two hours we were ordered to leave the aircraft. We waited another two hours, then queued for one hour to get a hotel voucher, then the printer broke down and the queue rushed off somewhere else with people scrambling to get to the front.

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