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Rob Sullivan

To Bruce and the Amazon

Posted from: Belem

We've done it. We've reached the port of Belem, the gateway of the Amazon, where the mighty river finally meets the Atlantic Ocean. There was a great atmosphere on the boat as we pulled into port at sunrise. Everyone's thoughts are naturally turning towards home, and despite the weeks of exhaustion there's a lovely light feeling in the air.

Though he is quietly smiling, Bruce seems pretty spaced-out and in some kind of state of mild shock: after nine months on the river, I don't think he can quite get his head round the fact that it's all over.

Bruce and film crew in the Amazon
Bruce and the team film in the greatest river on Earth.

We shot the last scene of the series on the beach where the river meets the ocean. Bruce walked straight into the water fully-clothed and went for a swim in the Atlantic. After finally turning off the cameras, we jumped in the water too, and felt the cool currents of the ocean intermingled with the warm freshwater of the Amazon. It did occur to me briefly that the warm currents were probably raw sewage, but I didn't want to spoil the moment, especially as Bruce had just swallowed some on camera.

To a casual bystander on the beach it must have been a strange sight: a film crew walking into the river, lots of hugs and cheers, and a cool-box with champagne ready for our final toast: to Bruce, and to the Amazon!

Bruce toasts his journey down the Amazon


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