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Rob Sullivan

Sailing the Home Straight

Posted from: The Castelo Guedes, sailing east from Santerem

We're back on the Amazon on the final leg of the journey. Yesterday we left the Kayapo village of Krinu where we've been staying for the last week and it was an amazing feeling to know that from here on in we're all on the way was quite emotional bumping along the dusty airstrip waving to the Kayapo who came out en masse to say goodbye.

All the crew were in very high spirits, especially Bruce, as we climbed higher over the forest, looking down at the vast Kayapo territory below. The light was beautiful and we got great shots from the plane - it all felt very epic and cinematic, which is the feeling we want for the end of this epic voyage.

Bruce on the deck of the Castelo Guedes boat
Bruce on the deck of the Castelo Guedes

After landing in Santarem we climbed aboard the Castelo Guedes, a beautiful old-fashioned wooden Amazonian river-boat, to take us down the final stretch of the journey towards the ocean. The music's playing, the beer's flowing, and everyone's smiling. It's very romantic swinging in a hammock at night on the top-deck with a lovely cool breeze and the engine chugging away below.

We have two days filming left and then it's all over.


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