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Christina Daniels

Forget the Foreplay

Posted from: Krinu

Ceremony and ritual is an incredibly important part of the Kayapo way of life. They believe that by dancing, they are able to go back to a time of mythical origins, and in so doing, recreate the energy and drive they need in order for life to continue. Most of the rituals and ceremonies we took part in seemed similar to each other - to the untrained eye, it was a great deal of chanting in a large circle, men, women and children, sometimes around a fire.

One ceremony, however, stood out a mile.

Some of the Kayapo women dancing

It was the most bizarre thing - at first it looked like it was going to be the same as we'd already seen - the women coming from one side of the village, singing together in a line, taking turns with the men who would dance in a circle. This time though, the women were on their own. The men were watching them from the central hut, goading and laughing with each other.

Suddenly, one man leapt up, shouting, and ran towards the women. Snatching one of them as she screamed and laughed, they then ran together and disappeared into the privacy of a hut. Two minutes later, the same thing happened again with another couple. Then another one. So much for flowers and chatting each other up!

If only it were that easy for the rest of us. I suggest we wake up to this tactic in the UK, do away with our excessive niceties and shy fumblings, and just try running up to the object of our fancy in the pub, snatch him from the crowd, and drag him away to somewhere private. Hey, you never know, it might catch on.

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