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Is peace in Sudan unravelling?

BBC Africa HYS Team | 13:09 UK time, Tuesday, 14 June 2011



The UN peace mission in Sudan has a large presence in Abyei


As South Sudan prepares for independence celebrations next month, human rights organisations are warning of a humanitarian catastrophe as thousands flee from fighting in the border regions of Abyei and South Kordofan.


Amnesty International has told the BBC it suspects the north of conducting a campaign of ethnic cleansing targeting groups allied to the south on both sides of the border - something the government in Khartoum has denied.  

North and south Sudan are reported to have agreed in principle to demilitarise the disputed border region of Abyei. A spokesman for the African Union said the outline agreement provided for an Ethiopian peacekeeping force to be deployed in the area. 

But the mandate of such a force and other outstanding issues such as oil revenues from the northern state of South Kordofan remain on the table. What impact will all this have on South Sudan's independence? 

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  • Comment number 1.

    Before agreeing to disarm people in the areas of Abyei and South Kordofan, what protection measures are we guaranteeing for the disarmed persons against attacks from either governments or even militia groups? The experience of the peace keeping troops against civilian attacks have proven ineffective given the examples of Somalia, Afghanistan and Iraq. We need sustained pressure on the government of the North to recognize one, the legitimacy of the Southern government and secondly allow for self determination of Abyei region. The international community should not watch the region decend to chaos but act now in preventing civilian deaths and displacements. +256 777 80 90 35 (for participation).

  • Comment number 2.

    The UN is not doing much to help The Southern Sudan, the UN only mouth talk with no action, over 2million people have died and the UN is still pampering the Northern Sudan government, is this because the Southern Sudanese are true Africans and the North are just occupants, or perhaps the US and allies have no interest to the South because they are poor


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