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Time for Africa to take sides?

BBC Africa HYS Team | 13:55 UK time, Wednesday, 25 May 2011

The African Union is meeting to discuss the crisis in Libya. As Nato continues its attacks on Tripoli, does Africa have a role to play?

US President Barack Obama has said there will be no let up in the campaign against Col Muammar Gaddafi.  Until now, African leaders have tried to act as neutral mediators.

Is it time for the AU to take a tougher line and back one side or the other in this stand-off?

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  • Comment number 1.

    The west and America are responsible for all the crisis in Africa because they benefit most. First they as helpers later they'll begin to sweep all the resource there in. I guess its time for AU take the leadership role and say goodbye to our white helpers.

  • Comment number 2.

    Africa Union has a big role to play in Libya and helping Libyan people settle in a just peaceful country. The Libyan Government in Tripoli is still the most recognized government in Africa and the rest of the world yet some countries in the west have recognised the opposition. The opposition in Libya rejected the role of African Union and it's peace plan and yet they cannot defeat militarily the libyan government despite Nato airstrikes.
    In libya we can now presume the war on ground despite NATO airstrike it's a stalemate and regime change tac tics are not working. NATO which acted to enforce a UN resolution of No-fly zone and to protect civilian has gone beyond the UN resolution and even become opposition airforce doing the same thing Qadhafi air force was doing.
    The African Union peace initiative is better than NATO military pressure on Qadhafi. It offered cease fire and groung work for dialogue and reconciliation, which it was rejected without a cause by the opposition. We all know well, even if Qadhafi was to dissapear, the opposition in Libya are incapable of pulling the rest of libyans 4.5 million people under them. They will still remain opposition in a democratic libya, yet the reinstitution of Sanusi's as the monarch's, won't last five years without the manarch being toppled again by the western tripolitanos tribes. It is a very hard climp to power for the Libyan opposition.
    The African Union offered peace plan with dialogue conditions that would have been inclusive with Qadhafi and people from his regime given a salvation exit plan and moderated reconstruction of libya as democracy, we all new where African peace plan was heading.
    The inteference of west in Libya has faced silenced opposition in Africa and among Africans, it is seen as neo-colonialism and imperialistic ideals because of oil riches of Libya. In Baharain and Syria they forgot to use the same yardstick and abandoned Mubarak of Egypt to his demise after being a good allie of the west.
    Many African leaders also face International Criminal Court cases which is also seen as an imperialistic Kangaroo court for prosecuting Africans and intimidate the leaders in Africa and we have seen this ICC warants have stagnated reform policy and politics in Sudan, Libya, Ivory coast, congo, Uganda, Zimbabwe and Kenya.
    The same court, ICC has disturbed Africa in less than 10yrs causing leaders to be reactive instead of active with the court and supressing freedom in places like Cameroon and Gabon.

  • Comment number 3.

    Jacob Zuma went to Libya? hold on let's roll back to Thabo Mbeki going to the Ivory Coast. The report was never released and France had it's way. On Zuma's first visit in April this year he does not go to Misrata after meeting Gadaffi. Clearly the AU cannot be independant when they have been dependent for so long. South Africa as the last African powerhouse seems to be powerless and therefore the AU is powerless. The handling of Zimbabwe and the failure of South Africa to again release the previous Zimbabwe eletion report is a clear indication of the lack of independence and transparency displayed by South Africa, SADC and the AU. It is clear that there seems to be no African solution for African problems.

  • Comment number 4.

    It must be one of the toughest moments for the AU, dealing with the issue of Gadaffi is almost as sticky as settling for the correct spelling of his name. Is it Muammar Gaddafi, Moammar Khaddafi, Gadhafi, Khadafy, Qaddafi, Qadhafi, Qadaffi, Qathafi, Qaddhafi, Qadhdhafi the list is endless depending on which publication you pick up. If however you pick up a Nigerian daily, you’ll quickly get used to the word ‘Mad Man’ as reference to this same man. International politics in Africa is played by the ‘Big Boys’ if those big boys decide to sit on the fence; everyone else would sit around waiting for the ‘Big Boys’ to make the first move. Privately, to the government in Abuja getting rid of the ‘Mad man’ will be tantamount to good riddance of bad rubbish. Don’t forget that Gadaffi had fought several proxy wars with the Nigerians in Liberia and Serria Leone. Gadaffi also recently call for the balkanization of their country which earned him the additional name ‘Mad man’ to the long list of his “names”. The government in Cairo would gladly tow Abuja’s’ line, having had a seriously troubled relationship with Gadaffi’s Libya which cumulated in Gadaffi’s disastrous military invasion of western Egypt in July 1977, As for the South Africans the only real contact they’ve had with Gadaffi was his funding for their liberation struggle against the apartheid regime.

    Gadaffi’s recent utterance have not helped either, his comments of a ‘Black Europe’ and taking Libya ‘back into Europe’ have not helped his situation.

    On the other side of his war, the opposition approaches have been rather naïve, they have seen the Africans as their enemies (Gadaffi’s supporters) from the start, this will also not help their cause.
    The only chance for the opposition is to galvanize the supports of the smaller players in African politics.

  • Comment number 5.

    we are Africans, we have our way of solving problems. we dont use air strikes like the western world does. is time for Arican leaders to do something for our dear land.
    mediation is the best solution and not strikes the are killing what the west claim to protecting.is time for africa to solve it own problems

  • Comment number 6.

    Is it not a shame for Africa Union to stood by and watching inncocent Libyans suffering and killed by the dictator Gaddafi? They must take side and tell the Gaddafi that enough is enough and he must go and leave the Country to the hand of Libyan oppositions. He had ruled the Libyan people for fourty two years and still he wants to remain in power until he dies then his son Saif Al Slam can taken over. This is absurd, therefore, must go. The Golden Start is now prideless.

  • Comment number 7.

    Honestly I think not, Africa is plagued by inhumanand authoritarian leaders who do not mind the fate of their own people, so how can they could intervene in Libya and help democracy when they themselves are entrenched in power for decades againts the democratic aspirations of their own people? Examples abound: Jose E. Dos Santos, Angola, Musseveni, Uganda, etc.

  • Comment number 8.

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  • Comment number 9.

    The Africa Union and some of its members’ political parties benefited from Libya’s sponsorships which makes it difficult to decide against just in case Gaddafi “survives”.

  • Comment number 10.

    African Head of States are meeting to discuss about Libya (the people) or about Muhamad Gadafi? This problem is being solve by European and not African, because we do not like calling a thief a thief.

  • Comment number 11.

    It is time to reinvite the Colonial Powers into Africa. The U.S., France, the U.K. and Italy have concluded that Africans can not govern themselves. The African Union should ratify that conclusion.

    Perhaps in another two or three hundred years Africans will be able to govern themselves.

  • Comment number 12.

    What does the AU has to say about the Libyan crisis. Nothing!!! The hands of the AU are in the mouths of America, Britain and France after all, they are their colonial masters. The head of the snake is smashed what can the tail and body do?

  • Comment number 13.

    There is no opposition in Libya. NATO is attacking Libya, to remove Gaddafi and occupy his country because the West wants Libya's oil. This war was planned and the opposition set up as an excuse.

  • Comment number 14.

    I think African leaders have to be brave and come out against Muammar Gaddafi. Whatever the rights and the wrongs of the western air strikes in Libya you cannot legislate for the fact that this man has vowed to cleanse his own people by going from ‘ street to street and door to door’. Because of the African’s colonial past, there is sensitivity when it comes to endorsing western intervention in Africa but I would argue that this is more of a mask than a genuine concern. Most African leaders are not without stain. Therefore, any demand for better governance and freedoms makes them less responsive. Having said that, I believe Africa is going in the right direction on its own pace except a few hot spots.

    The past history was written for Africa but we have an opportunity to write our own history now so I think African leaders should take stock of the peoples's desire to have their basic rights met and they should side with the people of Libya rather than the dictator.

  • Comment number 15.

    It is a shame that we cannot solve our own problems in Africa especially with the existence of the African Union. Why would it take NATO and the allied forces to intervene in the political situation of Africa yet we have ECOWAS, COMESA, SADC, etc which are regional bodies that could work together to form an African standby force which would act as a conflict resolution mechanism. The bombs dropped in Libya are going to affect people's lives and health especially innocent people who have no say in political power in Libya. I think NATO and allied forces can work with African regional bodies and not make Africans feel like they do not matter in their own continental issues. Destruction of resources in Libya now means too that it will take the country more years to rebuild itself from scratch.

  • Comment number 16.

    It seems to me that most people most leaders of the west have little acknowledgement of Africa place in the world. I cant blame them most because it's of our own doing. AU should have said we agree that the killing should stop but not France nor NATO has the legitimacy of attacking Libya. I am not protecting Ghaddafi, in fact I wish he left but what annoys me is the manner of his exist. The west demanding he leaves is pure arrogance and self
    Serving. Any intellecually man know the really reason why libya is being attacked. It's oil for the UK and popularity for France and Qatar and other Arabs country have nothing to say. AU should bring force since Libya is part of the African union and we have the legitimacy of taking forces to Libya without the need of going to the UN ( just like Saudi Arabia did with Bahrain. And protect both sides. Only then we will see what the USa and UK will do since I can't believe that Bahrain and Syria are butchering their people with everyone seeing but Obama and cameron can sit in London and lecture us on morality.

  • Comment number 17.

    The situation in many parts of Africa is sickening, despite the good hart of Afiracan peoples our leaders fail to do one single ever lasting peace in any part of our continent. So i wonder when our people will realize that they have a choice and they must start making their world a beter place for all of us and stop blaming the West, Remember i said we have a choice!!!!!!

  • Comment number 18.

    Certainly Africa has a role to play - big role for that matter. But for some reason,her leaders have refused to take their responsibilities.African leaders can't stand and talk in one voice because they are guilt as charge.

  • Comment number 19.

    It's very ironic how the west preaches democracy and then go ahead and enforce their will on lesser-developed nations, especially the African ones. It sickens me to the core of my soul to see fellow Africans having to live in conditions such as this; bombs raining down from the sky on an almost daily basis under the pretense of protecting the very people these weapons are destroying beyond recognition.

    I'm not sure that there is a single country anywhere around the world that would not quell an armed rebellion that is directly challenging its government but do this in an African nation and the west will brand you as a "bloodthirsty mad man." And if this bloodthirsty mad man happens to believe in something that is not in the interests of the west, they commit sizeable resources to make "get rid" of him no matter what damage is done to his country.

    To those who claim Africa cannot solve the problems within, I say this:
    The African Union had acted on the Libyan issue and it is not known only because the western media failed to report it for reasons that only they know. The African Union had sent an envoy to Libya on a fact-finding mission before any further action was taken. But the western leaders who had their own ideas bypassed the democratic processes of their respective nations in order to quickly out in place a bombing campaign which left the envoy stranded on the Libya/Algeria border.

    African nations should come together and collectively reject the western world's constant interference with internal affairs. This seems a very long shot but there is no way doing that trade and commerce with the west should give them any control over our internal affairs. The African Union and the leaders of the various nations in the motherland really need to take a stand and stop being used by the west for its own selfish interests and we'll see if the west is truly supportive of democratic leadership or it's just another ploy to get even more control in African affairs.

  • Comment number 20.

    if AU truly want to prove that they are in existence and that it IS the body that unites africa,then i dont think it should have allowed the UN and the other western powers to attack Libya ..in the first place..unless it is controlled by the west...IT TIME FOR A.U TO STAND UP FOR ALL AFRICA AND AFRICANS AND TO STOP THE WEST FROM FUTHER EXPLOITATION OF AFRICA

  • Comment number 21.

    Question? Do Libyans or other North African countries actually accept they are Africans?.Lets face it,they see themselves as people from middleeast and not Africans.Why should AU bother even though they are politically members.

  • Comment number 22.

    The issue must be shocking to most African leaders who rule with the barrel of the gun and not Democracy. And the question for the west is is it the begining of the End of the clean up operation by Nato Member Countries.

  • Comment number 23.

    Beyond the usual idiotic posturing in a desperate bid to be heard on the global stage, what is the so-called "African Union" doing about the racist murder and the vengeful attacks perpetrated against black migrants in that country? Or is the fate of these poor souls not worth a moment of thought?

  • Comment number 24.

    Apparently, Gaddafi's crime(s)., that he's been in power for so long ( infact for 41 years), second that he's a dictator ( he has not room for democratic reforms) in his own country. Oh yeah that's a fact.. he has ruled for so long and indeed he's a dictator. Keeping other factors constant ( like death and destruction of infrastructure) let us assume that those two 'crimes' are just enough to justify the NATO's military offensive attack on Libya. NATO is composed of countries deemed to have high democratic credentials. Yet its these very countries that have planted seed of ' african leaders not wanting to leave' power. A good example is Uganda, Ethiopia and Egypt before the Jasmine revolution. The 41 years of Gaddafi may be and indeed is unreasonably long period for one man to rule his country but guarantee do we have that Gaddaffi's 'students of like Museveni will quit before hiting the 41 year Gaddafi mark.. if we take that as upper limit measure for dictatorship in Africa. Shall we not look fools when time comes for NATO jets to hover over Museveni's air space.

  • Comment number 25.

    The African Union needs to take stronger action, but against NATO. It is France and UK and its allies that are escalating the crisis in Libya. Why do the western countries constantly have to try and control affairs in Africa for their own interests? and now NATO is attacking Libya more aggressively. What is the AU waiting for? soon, NATO will completely destroy Libya just to get rid of Gadhaffi because he is not a puppet of the west. bombing is not the solution.
    and to the rebels: if you can't fight your own fight, don't start a rebellion...

  • Comment number 26.

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  • Comment number 27.

    AU should have taken a tough stance months ago. It's too late now. The country has been battered, the ecomomy is down and many many people have been killed.
    The AU is a spineless organisation, just like the AO was. No different, just a different acronym. What have they ever achieved? So does Africa have a role to play? They certainly should have done something, but as usual with Africa have done nothing in a crisis. Last time Jacob Zuma returned to South Africa after meeting in Tripoli, he said they'd made good progress. That was ages ago and nothing has changed. Wake up Africa.

  • Comment number 28.

    The AU; a collection of failed states, lead by a mixed collection of dictators and corrupt politicians, tries to persuade a corrupt incompetent dictator, (who paid for and setup the AU), that his time in power has finished.

    You could not make this up; if it were not so utterly tragic it would be funny.

  • Comment number 29.

    The internet and mobile phones are shut down, no news about the demonstration at Meskel Square is comming out, help!

  • Comment number 30.

    I've been waiting to say this for a long time.

    Look, Tunisia and Egypt - you have both had your revolutions and got away with it. You don't hold much for Gaddafi so why are you standing aside? There's not much left of his ragbag army: certainly nothing that a few of brigades of regular ground forces from Tunisia and Egypt couldn't sort out in a couple of weeks.

    Why are you leaving the defence of the your Libyan brothers to NATO? Get in there and start pulling your weight.


  • Comment number 31.

    The only side the AU needs to take is the side of democracy. It would take one hell of a dogma to not see that Gaddafi has very substantial support as well as opposition within the Libyan society. We need free and fair elections, that means keeping racist thugs like the European Union out of it, if the EU was left to it's own devices, they would perpetrate another electoral fraud like the one in Afghanistan. Countries like Turkey and China have near universal respect and credibility in the Muslim world. In case of Libya, even Russia enjoys a lot of respect and credibility. International Icons of democracy like Brazil's Lula and Hugo Chavez can lend credibility to the democratic process in the Arab world.

  • Comment number 32.

    Oh dear, Jerry Iliya Lena! The usual "blame game" being played again as well as the race card I see! Africa would come a long way if it recognised its OWN failings. Some of these are undoubtedly very poor leadership in many countries, nepotism and state-sponsored corruption. With many of the members of the AU made up of countries with such leaders, how on earth can you expect the Union to take a responsible role? Either they change themselves (?), or they receive help from outside, or Africa continues as it is.

  • Comment number 33.

    All of humanity is responsible.
    We have degenerated into incomprehensible wild beasts.

  • Comment number 34.

    Maumar Gaddafi must have learned from late Saddam Hussien's lesson. If Saddam Hussien has listened to the international Community and left Iraq with in that hours given by the US president George Bush that Saddam Hussien and his children must leave Iraq with in 24 hours; he and his children would have stay alive today. Gaddafi has already loss his younest son and his three grand children in the Libyan conflict but still he is not listen and insist of staying on power. I hated war and I'm tired of dictatorship leaders who have hijack Africa people. I have welcome the revolutions and changes that sweeping across the Arab world in Middle East and North African Countries.

    Another example that Mr. Gaddafi need to consider is an arrest of Laurent Gbagbo of Cote Vore. Mr. Gbagbo refused to hand power to the winner of election Mr. Quartara; the man recognized by the AU and other international community instead of declared him self as the winner, he would be a freeman today and enjoys respect as the former president. But he refused to step down until he was arrested by the quartara forces and UN backing. Base on current situation in Libya conflicts, there is no doubt that Mr. Gaddafi will end up like Saddam Hussien who have loss his entire family and finally him self was hanged bye the Iraqi authority, Mr. Gaddafi will loss this war and he will end up like Saddam Hussien.

    He better listen to Jacob Zuma and comply to any advise that will safe his life and the rest of his chilren. Finally, he must give up power to the National Transition Council (NTC) because this is the only way to end the war. The Africa will be better off without dictatorship, therefore, Gaddafi and his family must leave the Libya for sex of peace.

  • Comment number 35.

    NATO has the troops and weaponary wheraes the AU has on the other hand only talking heads.Between these two,who is likely to achieve her interest.Of course it is NATO.The Libyan scenario is similar to that of Iraq.The super power has declared the intension to remove Gaddafi and through all ways,he is going to be removed.The AU in should just stand and be counted for an independent opinion by telling NATO get out-AU should remain sure that their opinion will not stop anything.
    It is clear that the western powers are after Gaddafi not because he is the worst dictator but other reasons.

  • Comment number 36.

    What is going on now in Lybia is not acivil war, it started out as an uprising, but it is now a colonial action by Francse, Britian and the US.
    By calling for Qadaffi to step down, with a daily dose of denounciations from Washington, Paris & London, the disorganised protesters mistakenly believed that they could take Tripoli like Cairo. With these high hopes they pushed even more into a no win situation. All current actions by NATO have prolonged the struggle. Caught between their wishes and their limited mandate, NATO's capabilities are limited. Outside of declaring war on a country that has not taken any military action against any NATO member, the mandate must now be inched ever so closely to an outrght declaration of war by the UN in oder for NATO to have any form of success.
    Africa's role in this must be a diplomatic one. The long term casualty here is niether Qadaffi nor the Lybians, but a nation's sovergnty and the freedom to deal with "unrest" within its borders.
    As developing nations, collectively Africa must stand firm in defence of another nation's sovergnty. The actions of France, Britain and US are simply colonialism with different colors. The "protesters" should sue for paece and work through the AU to secure the peaceful removal of Qadaffi. Like in the case of Charles Taylor seek his trial in a court of law at aater date. Cowboy slogans and bravado from Washington, Paris and London will only encourage further deaths in the streets, and fruther their excuses to get more involved in a situation they had no reason to get into in the first place.
    Just like America is for the Americans, all of Europes issues are dealt with within the confines of the EU, so must the AU use its reason for existion to solve an African problem.

  • Comment number 37.

    certain facts stand out. 1,If it werent for the crusader invaders (as sooo often happens in Africa) this insurrection would have been over. 2, even with foreign air muscle the thugs from Bengazi cant defeat the legitimate Govt. 3, Will the ICC also bring the invaders and their generals to court for murdering civilians and Kadhaffi's children and grand children??? You wonder why the world is anti west????

  • Comment number 38.

    I consider the African union irrelevant, they are in capable of solving anything, peroid!

  • Comment number 39.

    we dont need war in africa,we dont need to see the people dead in africa,it isnt a bush and we have to get the leader of africa union,nato stop kill the people of africa

  • Comment number 40.

    It doesn't matter whether the AU takes a side in the conflict or not. From the start, the US, UK and the EU did not want the AU to be involved. That is why they turned but to the Arab League for permission to intervene in Lybia. France, Italy and the UK have their agenda in Lybia. This agenda is to see their puppet gov't in Benghazi take over power in Lybia. Until this agenda is achieved, no other body or force will be listened to.
    The West has tacitly been frustrating all attempts by the AU to find a solution to the conflict in Lybia. Before the first AU delegation went to Lybia, NATO and the West already dismissed the mission as a failure. So no matter what the AU says or does, it will always be portrayed as a failure.
    The undeniable truth is that France and the UK do not want any cease-fire in Lybia. If these two don't want it, NATO will not want it. And if NATO does not want it, the rebels will not also want it.
    All these still not withstanding, I think the AU has got to come out forcefully and say what it has been saying in silent, and that is condemn NATO's uncalled-for bombardment and barbaric destruction of Lybia.

  • Comment number 41.

    To my understanding; regarding libya's situation, i have acknowledged the fact that Qadaffi can still correct his mistake, though the chance is very slim because he is still the right man to most libians. 'There is no true man on earth that pass judgement base upon one side of a story', so the rabels in bengazi should consider the good side of Qadaffi and accept AU's solution. As a matter of fact Nato is no longer helping the situation and a huge damage is been done due to it continuous air strike. To any sincere human being; the intention is obviously known,'oil mean a lot to the west' the reason why Qadaffi has to act quickly and do the right thing. He should form a transitional council and hand over power to them with guarantee that they will not prosecute him and his family thereafter in order to save his country.

  • Comment number 42.

    To my understanding; regarding libya's situation, i have acknowledged the fact that Qadaffi can still correct his mistake, though the chance is very slim because he is still the right man to most libians. 'There is known true man on earth that pass judgement base upon one side of a story', so the rabels in bengazi should consider the good side of Qadaffi and accept AU's solution. As a matter of fact Nato is known longer helping the situation and a huge damage is been done due to it continuous air strike. To any sincere human being; the intention is obviously known,'oil mean a lot to the west' the reason why Qadaffi has to act quickly and do the right thing. He should form a transitional council and hand over power to them with guarantee that they will not prosecute him and his family thereafter in order to save his country.

  • Comment number 43.

    In my view regarding libya's situation, i have acknowledged the fact that Qadaffi can still correct his mistake. Though the chance is very slim, because he is still the right man to most libians. 'There is known true man on earth that pass judgement base opon one side of a story', so the rabels should consider the good side of Qadaffi's government too and accept the AU's solution. As a matter of fact Nato is no longer helping the situation and a huge damage is been done due to it continuous air strike. And to any sincere human being; the intention is obviously known, 'oil is a great deal to the west', the reason why Qadaffi has to act now and do the right thing. He should form a transitional council and hand over power to them with the quarantee that they won't prosecute him and his family thereafter.

  • Comment number 44.

    Colonialism damaged Africa and the effects can be seen even today. What with all the civil wars and conflicts.

    But how long can Africa dwell on this? How many more people will have to die?

    The situation in Libya is a typical example of the fact that if we do not come up with solutions to secure the future for our nations now, Africa will remain where it is while the rest of the world moves forward.

    Power hungry leaders: It amazes me that some leaders in Africa are so determined to stay in power and will do whatever it takes to stay in power. Libya is no exception. Kenya, Zimbabwe, Ivory Coast among others. We never seem to learn from history. It is so disappointing.

    NATO's actions can be condemned or praised but at the end of the day, they would not have to be there if Africa had leaders who catered to the interests of its people and provided them with an adequate standard of living.

    What Africa needs is a fresh start. New leaders. Young and well educated leaders. Leaders who understand Africa's past and from that can plan a secure future for their people. Leaders who are open minded and cater to the needs of their people with economic development, technological advancement and political stability.

    If people do not wake up and realise that Africa has a pile of problems (that seem to get bigger) and that if these problems are not addressed effectively then in the next 50 years will either have perished from killing each other or remained exactly where we are now.

  • Comment number 45.

    What stops us africans from taking side? poorvaty and greed.Yes, and if we cann't take side in our favour, somebody - and in this case; the west will take it for us since they give us their money.

  • Comment number 46.

    I think it is time that the African Union step up and demand that NATO stops it's bombing and accept the AU's proposal for the Libyan crisis. What NATO is doing is very wrong and in fact should be held accountable for War crimes as well as the warring parties in Libya. Secondly, the AU needs to inform Mrs. Clinton that Africa is for Africans and we are quite capable of solving our own problems. Telling the whole of Africa to Abandon one of its own, is senseless and hypocritical. She's also making a mistake by issuing a faer warning about the socalled Arab spring. Africa is not the middle East, and the west shouldn't pray for such events to take place in Africa. Thirdly, to America and NATO, what about the situation in Syria? What makes Syria different from Libya? Libya is being destroyed for a massacre that did not take place, while Syria is being pampered for killing over a thousand of armless civilians, yet NATO and the US are calling the rebels in Libya civilians, what's up with that?

  • Comment number 47.

    It is clear that NATO and America are not protecting Libya civilians, they are there because of oils


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